Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Misunderstandings and Misgivings

"That will come back to haunt you."

-from The Writer's Book of Matches


  1. "That will come back to haunt you." Jenn called from the doorway.

    "What?" Kari asks, staring at herself in the floor length mirror.

    "That outfit." He older sister scoffed. "That outfit is an eighties-prom-picture-disaster waiting to happen. Take it from someone who knows." Kari and Jenn were born 12 years apart.

    Kari examines her gold sequined mini-skirt and tight black tube top. She thought she looked hot and she knew Ryan would appreciate her date-night outfit. She frowned, re-examining her outfit. "Maybe I should just go with jeans and a cute top?"

    "Your future children will thank you."

  2. "That will come back to haunt you," said Bertinelli, scurrying to catch up to his master's long-legged strides. Behind him, the dust of the road gradually became crimson mud.

    Don Martigon d'Arbello turned to regard his squire. Beneath his battered helm, his face was sunken, nearly a death's-head itself. "What," he said wearily, "is one more?"

    Behind them, the long, long line stretched out. Translucent figures wailed their ethereal laments, forever unheard. Save by one man...

  3. Let's go, let's go! People have places to be! If I miss this the subway this time around, I'll never make it to the interview on time. I *need* this job. I just wish I had time to eat earlier... I checked my watch - only 3 minutes before I had to make a run for the stop.

    Ahead of me, the mother and her 6 children (2 of them infants), began to gather their things and move away from the hot dog vendor. I darted around them to make myself seen.

    "I'll take one with ketchup only!"

    "That will come back to haunt you," he said, raising his eyes to meet mine. "Four dollars."

    I paid him and took the hot dog. As I hurried away, I glanced back. Did I push one of the kids? Or did he just admit that eating from his cart might not be a good idea?

    I reluctantly dumped the hot dog in the nearest trash can and resigned myself to feasting on Tic-Tacs.

  4. Great stuff people! So nice to see some new faces posting!!! Yay!


    I watched her walk away.
    Seductively, slinking in her slow saunter.
    I should have stopped her. I didn't stop her. And she knew I would continue watching. Leering. We were in love once and we then weren't in love, you know what I mean? I thought for sure when she left, my life would head in a new direction. But that little voice in my head kept reminding me as I viewed her confident retreat. "That will come back to haunt you." The fact of the matter is she was still here, and she was already haunting me. That's gonna leave a mark!

  6. Walt, I missed this one! Very nice!! ;)