Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I left a note outside my father's door. Gone to find my family.


  1. I left a note outside my father's door. Gone to find my family.

    I knew I was a junk-yard dog. I just didn’t know which junk yard.

    I Googled “junk yards” and found ten hits in the area. I wrote them all down on a piece of scrap paper, entered them into my portable GPS, and hit the road. I hoped my ancient Rabbit would survive the road trip. I shoved a Journey CD into the player to give me inspiration and courage.

    One hour outside of the city I pulled up in front of Grady’s Used Auto Parts. Grady was guarding the gate. One look at the black and tan Rotty and I knew I was in the wrong place. But, what the heck? I’d ask a few questions anyway. Couldn’t hurt.

    “Excuse me, sir?” I asked.

    “Wassup, kid?” Rotty answered.

    “Um, I was wondering...” I looked into his amber eyes and instinctively knew that this male was not my father. I had grey eyes. “Never mind.”

    I climbed back into the Rabbit and took off. Thirty minutes later I pulled up in front of Sasha’s. What the heck was this place? I trotted up to the intercom at the metal gate.

    “Yo, what’s your business?” A gruff voice barked at me. This female was a smoker for sure.

    “I’m looking for Sasha.” I said.

    “You found her. C’mon in.”

    The metal gate retracted to allow me entry. The Rabbit putted up the gravel driveway and stopped in front of a mansion. wow.

    As soon as I stopped the vehicle, the black laquered door opened. A huge Irish Wolfhound appeared. Black fur, grey eyes. My eyes. Would she know?

    “Hey kid,” Sasha said. “I’ve been wondering when you’d find me.”

  2. Lol, nice. At first I thought dog, then the googling through me off, but yes it's a story about a dog who can google.