Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Funday

I put my hands on my hips. "Now why would I ever do that?"


  1. Luc scowled, pointing his finger at me and saying, "You stole it!"

    I put my hands on my hips. "Now why would I ever do that? Why would I want some stupid little doll?"

    His eyes widened in seven-year-old indignation and said, "It's not a doll! It's G.I. Joe!"

    "Whatever," I said. Sure, I stole it. And I would probably get chewed out when Luc told our mother.

    "Anne," she'd say, sighing, "why can't you be nice to your brother?"

    Right. I was supposed to be nice to some sticky-fingered little brat who invaded my room and broke my things. I was supposed to act nice toward the evil little worm that my parents adopted, thinking that he'd make a nice addition to the family. So far, all he'd done was irritate me and destroy my stuff.

    "Anne!" Luc screeched. "Give it back!"

    I stomped down the hall to my room and snatched up the toy from my dresser. "Here!" I snapped. I threw it down at his feet and grit my teeth when he began to wail.

    "Anne! Luc!" came my mother's voice. She appeared next to Luc secons later. "What's going on?"

    "Anne stole my G.I. Joe!" Luc said, pointing at me. "And she broke it!"

    Mom looked down at the armless, headless doll and sighed. "Anne?"

    "I'll give the rest back when he buys me a new lamp," I said. "'Till then, they're both broken. Eye for an eye. Whatever."

    I slammed the door in Luc's face, locked it, and threw myself on my bed. Stupid brother. Stupid Mom. Nothing was ever fair.

  2. My kids are two years apart and they act like this all day long - I can relate! This is very real - you nailed it.

  3. I agree. You nailed it. Nice voice and great pacing.

  4. Jenna, nice voice. You capture put-upon older sibling.