Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Mirage?

Checked luggage

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  1. "If airline tickets are so expensive, can't you take me in your luggage?" Betsy pirouetted. "I'm small."

    Tucker reached down and patted his daughter on her pink leggings. "Not small enough, your legs will stick out."

    Betsy pouted. "You're going to Europe and mommy always says that Europe is a lot of fun."

    Tucker threw a last suit into the suitcase. "I'm going for work, it's not going to be that much fun. You'll end up spending all of your days stuck in an office building just like if you came to work with me. Remember last year when you came to the office on bring your daughters to work?"

    Betsy picked up a pair of socks and moved it to the other side of his suitcase. "You just shuffled papers all day."

    Tucker smiled down at Betsy. It might have looked that way, but he closed the biggest deal of his life that day. It was part of the reason they were sending him to Europe. A big promotion. Maybe, after a few more these trips he could bring Sarah and Betsy with him and they could play. "It can be just like that, except with more meetings."

    Betsy stuck out her tongue. "You're not going to forget me are you?"

    Tucker plucked Betsy off the floor spun her through the air and then sat on the edge of the bed. "Of course not, pumpkin. I'll call you every night on the computer. I promise."

    "You'd better."