Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Funkday

Snowed in. Three things you MUST HAVE?


  1. Meadowbrook University's senior security officer paced in front of the whiteboard in the mansion's library. "Welcome class of '34. The first thing you must learn, and you must learn well, is security." The officer grinned at the classroom. "I'm not the most violent of taskmasters." Knuckles resting on the desk, he leaned forward to stare into the wide eyes of the classroom. "The affliction out there --" the security officer pointed out the window "-- grades harshly. D is for dead."

    "I don't need to lecture you on the modern day dangers. A few of you will have your earliest memories of BF. Those were the glory days, but you are the crème de la crème and Meadowbrook University is now the premier university and you could not have chosen a more secure environment for higher learning. Yet, the spore exists everywhere and even though we are secure, we can't protect you from everything. The main campus, Meadowbrook mansion, is patrolled by my team 24/7. Yet, some of you will live in the dorms that we've erected on the grounds. Anytime you're outside, you're on your own, we will patrol the buildings, but you must make sure that you are aware of your surroundings at all times."

    "Climate change has wrought significant changes to our environment. Here, it means that we will have a meter of snow on the ground by the end of October. There will be days when we are snowed in. What three things must you have?"

    A freshman wearing a flannel shirt raised his hand and the security officer nodded. "A shotgun and shells."

    "Yes, an offense is your best strategy. One more thing you should have. Anyone?" He paused, but no one spoke up. He lifted a box from one of the shelves in the library and placed it on the table in front of students. Syringes jostled against each other. "We have an antidote for the zombie fungus. However, it only works if applied within the first minute of infection. You may think you're fast, you may think you're good, but not a single student will graduate without one incident.

    "Enjoy your stay!"

  2. Hahaha! You're sliding to the dark side, Aidan. You been hanging out with Nevets? This is fun!

  3. Thanks. The great thing about the interwebs (and books) is that I can hang out with Nevets whenever I like ;)