Tuesday, January 18, 2011


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  1. Listen, Marty, I know you don't care about your future, but your ma and me do, your ma and me do.

    We've spent everything we have, and I don't mean money, Marty, I mean energy and spirit -- we've spent it all you, your ma and me have.

    And I know you want to just live for today, Marty, but one day, one day, Marty, you'll wake up and tomorrow will be today, and the day of that that will just about be yesterday, so listen to me, Marty, listen to your ma and me.

    You're gonna sit there, Marty, you're gonna sit there and you're gonna listen. You're gonna listen for that phone to ring, and it's gonna be God, Marty, or an angel, and he's gonna say, "Hey, Marty, your ma and pa worked hard for you and now here's what you can do to make it all worthwhile," and then he's gonna tell you. He's gonna tell you, Marty.

    You know what you call that, Marty? You call that a calling. A vocation, some people call it. A job, that's what ignorant people call it. You're not ignorant, though, Marty. Your ma and me made sure of that.

    So you listen. And when that phone rings, you listen to the voice on the other side. And when you do, Marty, when you do, you're never gonna be the same after, I tell you. You're never gonna be the same.