Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday Mystery

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  1. Ever since little Grace was a baby, she stayed at 11399 stream street, Salem, NH. She had never known her parents and never knoew that she was about to get her dream parents. Parents. he didn't care where she lived or how she lived she just wanted to get out of this orphanidge ASAP. She had no friends in this orphanidge and she did not needfriends, just loving parents.
    "Grace, report to the interview office." said the owner, Abi Hamilton over the PA system. Grace did not think twice, she ran down the hallway and met her new parents. She was eminating with happiness and could not stop smiling. SHe said "Hello, I am Grace." and grinned while she said it.
    Within a few hours or bordem she ws finally ditching this joint. Leaving, Hasta Lavista suckers! Little did she now, that she was ecaping with forieners to a trashy motel.