Tuesday, October 4, 2011


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  1. My name is Rich. I'm the food editor for the Times-Tribune and Day Seller out of Seskatoon. There aren't a lot of restaurants here in town, or in our county. There aren't a lot of chefs, either. There isn't a lot going on with food at all.

    So mostly.

    Mostly, not entirely.

    But, mostly, I steal from the internet.

    I figure, no harm, no foul. Most of the people who still read the Times-Tribune and Day Seller aren't on the internet yet. Most of the people who are on the internet aren't reading the Times-Tribune Day Seller. I'm building bridges. I'm creating connections and relationships where none were before. It's full the heck of win, that's what it is.

    Well, I say mostly it's what I do, but more like it's what I did.

    Got busted, though.

    Got caught, and now I can't steal recipes from the internet anymore. I'm still technically the food editor of the Times-Tribue and Day Seller. In fact, I'm the first editor they've ever had who's edited from jail. I don't write anymore, though. I mean, if you call stealing from the internet writing. (And who doesn't.)

    I almost got away with it.

    One of the chefs I stole from, though? He got busted for child porn. My computer got confiscated because they tracked a lot traffic between his website and my computer. They didn't find any kiddie porn on my computer, but they did find a lot of stolen articles. Because I'd actually stolen files rather than just copy and paste, I got busted. They're making a huge deal about it, too.

    I mean.

    All I ever wanted to do was be a writer, but I guess the Man doesn't give a crap about that.