Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Here Be Dragons!

image courtesy of Digital Blasphemy
Here Be Dragons!  Found on at least one (real-life) old map, this phrase serves as a warning to travelers that the area ahead is unexplored or that continuing on may lead to danger and death.  Write a little Flashy Fiction about a person or group who came upon the scene in the image above.  Maybe they chose to ignore a warning.  Maybe they never saw one.  How will this end for them?

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  1. Aonghus set out early one morn to fetch water and supplies for the keep. His parents were busy stocking up what little food they had left for the months to come. It was foretold that visitors were coming, and they weren’t sure they had enough in the way of provisions. Guests usually meant extra mouths to feed, but Aonghus didn’t really care. He just liked to hear the news from far and wide since the keep was a bit out of the way for the traditional traveler. The small island of Inishmore had breathtaking views, but it was a bit of a dangerous climb from the sea.
    As Aonghus neared the path to the water hole, it occurred to him that something didn’t seem quite right. He had the feeling he was being watched…or even followed, but there was no one around. He broke through some vines he didn’t remember, and at the very same moment, a ray of sun blinded him for a second. Blinking a few times, his mouth fell open. “Here be dragons,” he whispered in awe, and sank to his knees.