Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Wicked Tunes

 DJ Evil spinning the tunes for visitors to Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Halloween approaches.  Themes parks are in full swing trying to scare their guests.  At one park, DJ Evil spins out some wicked, bass-thumping, trance music.  Write a little Flashy Fiction about a theme park during Scare Season.  Your protagonist could be a scarer or a scaree.  Maybe your story takes place behind the scenes.


  1. I could see him now. Tight black leather pants…muscles for days, and those eyes. Such a deep crimson. When he looked at me I wanted to give him my soul. With the kind of music he was playing, maybe I already had. My hands were itching to touch those wings. I wondered if they hurt him. I hiked up my skirt just a little bit more. As I threaded my way through the sweat-slicked crowd, I reached for his skin. The heat was coming off him in waves as my palm connected with his steamy flesh. He turned those eyes on me and…my friend grabbed me and told me it was time to go ride the next roller coaster. Whew. I’ll have to get back to this daydream another time.

    1. Nice. Hope the wind from the coaster cooled you off. :-)