Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sacred Circle

 image courtesy of Digital Blasphemy

What do we have here?  It appears to be a mage of some sort, maybe a druid, performing a spell or ritual in the forest.  What's your take?  Write a little Flashy Fiction set in this scene.


  1. She was tied of the others…oh so tired. Her once strong heart had started to break a little with each lie. All she asked of anyone is to be treated the same way she would treat others. She gathered the elements needed for the spell, slipped on her shoes, and grabbed her cloak off the peg. Clipping the midnight fabric about herself she pulled the hood up. She knew the path well and since there was a full moon tonight, she could see clearly. The Hunter’s Moon was the perfect moon for this kind of spell. It looked so big and round it almost touched the ground. She had plenty of time to set up. She reached the clearing where the old stone columns sat like sentinels guarding the sacred circle. If locals happened upon this spot, all they would see is a clearing for their eyes are not trained in breaking the veil.
    Clearing her mind for the task at hand, she lit the sage. She busied herself with the other things needed and as she drew the small dagger across her palm she hoped this was worth it. The 5 wounds of Jesus were around her in what others might call a pentagram. She was calling on higher help…not some sort of dark magic. As she knelt in the center, she began her prayer.

    1. Liars can suck the life out of you. I wonder if she's praying for help in healing what the liars have done or for help "fixing" the liars.