Friday, March 7, 2014

Thaw her soul.

What would it take to make her love again?  What happened to her in the past that caused her very being to frost over and give up on love?  How does her story end?  Does she even live in this realm?


  1. I created this using the prompt.

  2. You didn't expect it. Talk of aliens from outer space meant creatures with multiple appendages, huge, insect-like, pincers sharp as Toledo steel, monsters who wouldn't root for love if you handed them our planet.

    The dimwitted boy Karlson adopted out of pity was the first to find her. With a long tree branch he did his limited best to draw her from the water where she floated like a woman asleep. A few times he called out to her, but she did not stir. Finally, Joe Joe waded out into the pond, then up to his knees in the green algae mess, he reached for her. "Lady? Lady? Are you asleep?" When he got no response, he asked, "Are you dead?" and waited for her to reply.

    Joe Joe dragged her by the belt around her waist: the retarded boy and the floating lady with blue lips, blue eyelids, blue bags under closed eyes, the blue creature wiggling its four-fingered hands like a collar at her neck.

    When townspeople gathered at the water's edge, two men reached in to help the boy. "Who is she?" one of them asked, but no one knew. She was a stranger, a blue stranger, someone better fit for some neon city, not Glosterville with its few residents who harbored few ambitions and possessed even fewer concerns for the rest of the world.

    They carried her on a gurney of tree branches, laid her slender frame on the grass, and waited.

    "What's she doing?" asked Barker.

    Joe Joe shrugged.

    "Look!" they all cried out, nearly in unison. "It's not a woman!"

    Then the blue collar grew into two strong creatures and devoured the blue lady. Rooted to the ground, no one moved. Then Joe Joe fainted. The three men ran. The creatures bellowed loud enough to wake the blue lady inside him, and finally the two of them dove into the pond and vanished.

    No one spoke of the event. Witnesses said it was one of those visions crowds share that don't mean a thing. Still, the pond was declared a no-trespassing watering hole that Joe Joe said he missed but not that much.

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