Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Funday!

When I walked into the homecoming dance, I noticed two things. One, my best friend and I were wearing the same dress. The second? She was making out with my boyfriend.


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  2. When I walked into the homecoming dance, I noticed two things. One, my best friend and I were wearing the same dress. The second? She was making out with my boyfriend.

    They didn’t see me. Obviously.

    I thought about the movie Carrie. Too bad there was no fake pig’s blood on hand. Then I got another idea. The bowl of fruit punch.

    I filled a cup to brimming with the sparkly pinkish-ish red liquid and walked back over to where my best friend and my boyfriend were celebrating their own little private (well, actually not so private) homecoming dance.

    Now, everyone knew two things: One, my best friend and my boyfriend were now my former best friend and my former boyfriend. The second? Her dress sure didn’t look like mine any more.

  3. [Two parts because of length restrictions.]

    This was going to be a big year for me. Our high school had adopted a dress code a couple years before I even started here. Boys had to wear khakis or navy blue dress pants; so-called “business casual shorts” were acceptable once temps reached a certain point. Girls were permitted the same pants options, and skirts took the place of shorts for warm weather. At school formals and events, boys had to wear suits, girls dresses. Color and style were open, with a set of guidelines provided for tightness and minimum coverage.

    This year, though, they had changed the rules. A group of girls had protested their inability to wear shorts. They won their case on the grounds of the physical labor they engaged in as student assistants in the cafeteria. So the clothing options were just spelled out, as one list – with nothing further specified.

    As a gay guy who loved to dress, this was a huge thing for me. And homecoming was going to be my big debut. I had the dress picked out and everything.

    Susie, my best friend had advised me. I had worn girl's clothes before, and I felt I had pretty good taste, but this was huge. This was a formal school event, and everyone would be there. This wasn't hanging out at the bowling alley with a few friends and deciding to wear a skirt. This was a showpiece event. I needed to look my best. I needed to look good for Charlie, my boyfriend, and I wanted to make everyone jealous.

    “Two rules,” Susie told me. “Show off what's best, hide what's worst.”

    “What's best?”

    Susie winked. “Your legs, sweetie.”

    I blushed. That meant a lot coming from Susie, who generally had the reputation of having the most beautiful legs in school. She was the girl who every time it was skirt season, everyone told she should be a cheerleader – and who all the other cheerleaders were glad she never chose to.

    I cleared my throat. “So I show off my legs?”

    “Yep, and that doesn't just mean short that means the stockings and shoes to go with it.”

    I nodded. “And what's worst?”

    “You're flat-chested.” She laughed. “I mean, duh, right? But, yeah, you don't want a dress that needs to be filled out to look good.”

    “I never thought of it quite like that.”

    “That's why I'm here, Jay.”

    I hugged her gently, and then we set to picking out the right outfit. Susie suggested a dark blue dress that was slinky with a high waist and an angle cut hem to draw the eyes down to my legs. She picked out stocking, a pair of low heels, and we were set.

    The lead up was excruciating. I was so nervous getting dressed. I felt confident because of my best friend Susie's advice, but my nerves were jangly with anticipation. I'd told Charlie to meet me there. Susie had stressed the important of making an entrance.

    I took a little longer than I normally would to get ready. Partly I was making sure Charlie would get to the dance first so I could enter dramatically. Partly I was trying to buy time because of my nerves. And partly I kept redoing my hair and makeup. I wanted to look pretty and feminine, but I didn't want to look like a drag queen or a whore. I ended up with very minimal makeup and a pretty simple ponytail in my shoulder-length dark blonde hair.

    No more stalling. It was time.

    The big moment.

    Time of the big year to commence. Students had to wear suits or dresses to formal events. I was a boy who just happened to chose a dress.

    When I walked into the homecoming dance, I noticed two things. One, my best friend and I were
    wearing the same dress. The second? She was making out with my boyfriend.

    “Susie!” I shrieked, hating myself both for responding so publicly and for the way my voice picked up that shrill tone that is such a negative stereotype of gay guys.

    She didn't even taking her mouth off Charlies. She just looked sideways at me and smiled, even as her lips and tongue continued their obscene assault on my boyfriend's face.


  4. [Part Two]

    I was stunned. Charlie's hands were all over her. The slinky blue dress worked even better for Susie than it did for me. Sure, it showed off her best – her legs. But it didn't hid her worst. It was so tight that it made her petite curves look hella hot.

    I walked toward them. “Charlie?”

    He broke the kiss with Susie and just burst out laughing. “Damn, Jay, you coulda at least tried to look like yourself rather than some Susie-doll with no figure.”

    My best friend leaned her head on his shoulder and nibbled on my boyfriend's ear, looking at me with innocent doe eyes. “I'm sorry, Jay, but you know Charlie's bi, right?”

    “Yes, but --”

    “I told him how you said you were going to dress like me to try and show the world who the hottest girl in the class is.”

    “But --”

    “One thing led to the other, and he and I just sort of hit it off. Sorry, babe.”

    Charlie laughed again as he groped the girl I had thought was my best friend. “Damn. Jay, you just look like a skank.”

    I ran out of the gym, not caring who saw the tears in my eyes. Sobbing foolishly, I slunk into the darkened hallways and found a place to lean against a wall in a shadowy corner and revel in my shame and fury.

    A few moments passed and I heard steps in the hall, coming towards me. I tried to shrink as completely into the shadows as I could. I stopped crying and tried to not even breathe audibly. I didn't need any more mocking right now.

    “Hey, are you there?”

    I didn't recognize the voice. It was a guy's voice, very clear and ringing with rich tones. I stayed quiet.

    “Hey, are you okay? I saw what happened. I mean, sort of. I mean, I saw you crying. I saw that blond slut kissing your boyfriend. Is everything alright?”

    I tried to clear the tears out of my throat and then managed to answer, “I'm fine.”

    “You don't sound fine.”

    I stepped out. I was sure my makeup was ruined. “I'm fine.”

    “You wanna talk?”

    “Not really.”

    “You wanna get some cigarettes and frozen pizza?”

    I laughed. “What?”

    He shrugged and looked at his feet. “Did you pick out your own clothes?”

    “No,” I told him, not sure why he'd asked, and less sure why I'd answered. “Susie picked them out.”

    “What a bitch,” he grumbled. “I thought something was weir though, because it's not your usual style.”

    “My usual . . . ? Have we met?”

    He coughed, and even though it was dark I could tell he was blushing. “I've seen you at the bowling alley and playing pool. You look so hot in the skirts you normally wear.” I could hear his heart pounding as he gushed forth this sudden admission. Or maybe that was mine. “Look, I just thought maybe since things happened like that . . . Maybe you'd be okay with some alternate plans.”

    My mouth was so try I could hardly answer. “You and me?”

    “You and me.”

    “Cigarettes and frozen pizza?”

    “And you in a skirt.”

    I licked my lips. “I would need to go home and wash up and change then.”

    “Take your time, “ he assured me. “And, um.” He coughed again. “Maybe pick out some lipstick too in case we decide to . . .” He just trailed off in another cough. It was cute.

    “If you keep telling me I look hot in a skirt, you'll earn at least a kiss on the cheek.”

    “Sounds like the perfect homecoming.”

    I couldn't have agreed more.

    [The End.]

  5. RJ -- Love the way you end it by flipping the prompt on its head! :)

  6. Aw Nevets! A love story (sort of, if you discount the dumping/betrayal part) - ! What a creative use of the prompt. Yo!

  7. RJ, loved, loved that!! Very snappy use of the prompt!

    A touching love story...who are you and what have you done with Nevets? LOL!

  8. THAT BITCH! I was so going to tear her to shreds. First, to even the score:

    Tabasco in her beer – Check!

    Spread rumor she has herpes – Check!

    Make out with her ex boyfriend that she’s still not over – Check!

    Now for the good stuff…

  9. Heather - you are eeeeeeevil!

  10. Erm… that should be “WHO she’s still not over” as the ex should be human. Then again…

  11. When I walked into the homecoming dance, I noticed two things. One, my best friend and I were wearing the same dress. The second? She was making out with my boyfriend.

    I just could not believe my so-called boyfriend was doing this to me again! I was willing to believe the story about his first indiscretion. It was perfectly understandable. But this? No excuse. Jerk!

    I stared in disbelief at my best friend as she reached her arms around Charlie's neck, drawing his face down to hers, seductively whispering her lips against his.

    I forced the initial shock aside and shifted gears. This had been carefully calculated to crush and humiliate me. Sara knew what my dress looked like weeks ago. She refused to show me hers, saying she wanted to keep it a surprise. No shit.

    Well, this was not going to go down the way she planned. I would not run out of the dance in tears.

    As I made my way across the room, heads began to turn and follow my progress. By the time I tapped Charlie on the back, the room was silent but for the sound of some disco inspired song.

    Charlie turned, the smile freezing on his face.

    I looked into his deep brown eyes. "What's that old saying sweetie?" I asked.

    He looked at me and then over at Sara in disbelief.

    I continued, "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me?"

    Charlie shook his head as if he didn't understand what was going on. Sara was smirking behind his back.

    "It seems my evil twin sister has done it to you again." I felt no emotion toward either of them as I walked away. They deserved each other.

  12. Heather, I'd sure hate to piss you off!! LOL!

  13. Great story, Deb. (Evil twin, eh?)

  14. Heather, if Rose and I have a kid that ends up meeting Bekah and getting a crush on her, I will warn them to be extra cautious.

    And, Deb, why is it there is always a good and an evil twin? There's never a a good a meh twin? Curse them.