Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tuesday Trip to the Dentist


What's the story?


  1. Percy should have known better. It’s a rule for a reason. If the girl driving you to the dentist’s office is playing Pink Floyd in the car and burning incense in the ash tray, don’t get in But he did.

    When she pulled up to a medical strip mall on, literally, the wrong side of the tracks, Percy should have played it smart. But when she smiled at him with unnatural poutiness and drew his attention to her thighs, he played it cool instead.

    “If you say this guy’s better, I trust your judgment.” It was bullshit; he wasn’t interested in her judgment one way or the other. But he thought it sounded confident and friendly. “But my appointment’s with Dr. McElvoy.”

    “You have one here, too.” Her voice was like pepper and syrup.

    She got out of the car, and Percy followed her. She gave her name to the receptionist as Michelle, and gave his as, “my friend I told Dr. Jack about.”

    If he’d been in his right mind, Percy would have said, “Hey, I thought your name was Barbara.” He wasn’t in his right mind, though. He just watched her hips as she led him down the hallway.

    He didn’t really think twice about the fact that she kissed Dr. Jack on the mouth when she greeted him. Percy just thought how amazing her lips looked.

    “Bye,” she said to Percy once he was in the chair. She winked at him, kissed the dentist on the mouth again, and then left. The moment she was gone, Percy finally realized something was wrong.

    Dr. Jack moved swiftly – quicker than he’d ever seen a dentist move before. The dentist lashed his wrists the chair, then his legs.

    Then the lights went out.

    And then the drill turned on.