Thursday, May 10, 2012


"He's late again!" Larry thought. "That morbid bastard is probably sequestered away in his chamber!"

"Indeed!" Jim agreed. "The guy will still be walking the earth and people will refer to him as 'the late Ed Poe'!"

Ed had suffered some losses and been dealing with his own mind, which scared his two friends.

Lawrence turned. "Did you hear that?" he asked.

"That tapping; gently rapping on your door?" James inquired.

A loud squaking could be heard in the hall and suddenly, a large black feather slid under the door...


  1. … The advantage was with Larry and Jim; they were long past all that speech-wordy faff -- they communicated by thought. When speech was required they became Lawrence and James.

    Yes, I hear it, replied Larry. He made his way for the door, stealth in the soles of his boots. He winced with each step as the bare floorboards squeaked and squawked like a sickly parrot. Larry grasped the door knob and with explosive force, opened the door. The element of surprise, he thought to Jim who nodded back his approval. Larry loved being thoughtful; any idiot can talk he often told Jim.

    A woman dressed from chin to toe in layers of swirling black stood tall, glancing through the fully opened door. Larry noticed that her black boa was shedding feathers like autumn leaves every time she moved. He twitched his nose as the woman glided past him, the heavy scent of liquorice swirling about his head.

    “Liquorice?” asked Lawrence.

    “Yes,” she smiled widely, her teeth gobbed and blackened from it. She pulled the boa from her shoulders and tossed it in James’s direction.

    “Trick or Treat, boys,” she said in a surprisingly deep and whiskey-burnt voice. She gave them a coquettish wink.

    “Poe? Is that you?” asked James.

  2. This was wonderfully macabre! Loved it!

  3. This was so fun to read and I love the ending!
    I just did a Poe art challenge; I so love conjuring
    up the mystery n' macabre of this man.
    YOU did a Wonderful Job!

  4. Thanks, Jeannine and Ella. :)