Saturday, November 24, 2012


Today's "OPEN MIC" prompt comes from Mariya Koleva who offers this poem to ponder and render into your Flashy Fiction today. Thanks for your contribution, Mariya!

hatred happens faster than a look”

I’ve heard love at first sight exists.
It’s possible.
Yet, I say, there is hate that comes faster than the look.
You search in vain - don’t look for a reason
No need to recall harmful words, treacherous
looks, or treacherous acts – those are not the reason.
It all happens like it does in Nature: a leaf unfolds, or
a leaf falls. A matter of time.

And because death is quicker than birth,
I say:
hatred happens faster than a look.

© 2012, Mariya Koleva, translation from Bulgarian


Use Mariya's poem as your inspiration. 
Your character is the victim of hatred, 
or worse is the perpetrator of such vitriol. 
Does he/she let it destroy them, 
or do they become stronger for it.

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