Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Madness

Photo courtesy of NYNerd


  1. Jennifer was thrilled to be going out with Trevor James. Finally. It had taken four months of encouragement;a technique otherwise referred to as shameless and blatant badgering by her friends. No matter. She had achieved her goal. They were just jealous. Every girl in Santa Croce wanted a taste of Trevor.

    Jennifer laughed to herself when she remembered the day he'd transferred here from LA six months ago. The men had rolled their eyes and silently groaned in defeat. The women had all broken out in heat, ready to scratch and claw each other for a chance at the new prize.

    Trevor played it cool at first, not wanting to offend or alienate anyone. He hadn't asked any of the women out, instead concentrating on making buddies with the guys. Smart. Jennifer guessed he'd had to hone those skills considering his burning good looks would tend to piss off the boys and make enemies he couldn't afford.

    But a guy can only hold out for so long. Eventually they cave in to their needs. That's what Jennifer had counted on, biding her time waiting for the right moment to strike like a cobra.

    She'd watched with amused interest over the course of the four months as Trevor resisted her bait, got snagged, and then hooked. Geez, he had taken a lot longer than any other guy to succumb. Frankly, she was getting bored. She might have given up but Trevor made his move yesterday.

    Jennifer had insisted on doing the driving tonight. After all, she had told him, he was still new to the area and they were going to an out-of-the-way spot. A place not even locals were too familiar with. Trevor hadn't even questioned her. Jennifer figured he was used to women falling all over themselves to please him, the usual romantic moves being superfluous.

    When Jennifer showed up in the silver Lexus Trevor didn't even notice it wasn't her usual vehicle.

    Typical, she thought to herself. When you're that good-looking nothing much matters.

    They engaged in witty and flirty conversation during the hour long ride up into the mountains. And Jennifer enjoyed herself more than on any of the other dates she brought out here.

    When she pulled over at the turn-out high atop the valley from which they'd come, Trevor wasn't surprised. Jennifer just smiled. He probably thought she wanted to make-out in the romantic sunset before them.

    Trevor got out of the car smoothly and walked around to the driver's side to help Jennifer out. How polite. How chivalrous.

    He stopped, hand reaching for her door, when he caught sight of the hashmarks just by the front wheel.

    "Is this a joke?" Trevor was trying to sound casual but Jennifer could hear the fear in his voice.

    "No sweetie," she purred, "it's what you think it is. Or rather, I'm who you think I am."

    Trevor had no time to react. Jennifer watched his lovely face explode into the gorgeous sunset.

  2. You know, now that Nevets has disappeared from the blogosphere someone has to bring the dark and creepy to the table. LOL

  3. lol...and what happened to Nevet anyway? Did he disappear by some micabre happenstance?