Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fortune Says...


  1. "What's it say?"

    "Everything is not yet lost." I grumbled. "WTF does that mean?"

    "Beats me." Jessica shrugged.

    "Sweet, indiscriminate fortune. Check." I left a ten dollar tip for the waitress and followed Jess out the door.

    "What else are we going to do today?"

    "Well, obviously luck is on our side today." Jess rolled her eyes. "So maybe we should grab a few lottery tickets, jump out of an airplane, play chicken on the 105, and try to take over the world. How's that sound?"

    "Like a typical Tuesday."

    We high-fived over the hood of the stolen Porsche 911 GT2 and jumped in the car.

    "Exactly," I smiled.

  2. Reba was having one of those, ‘stay in bed with the covers over her head’, type of day. Even though she had a list of things she needed to get done, she relished the idea of staying in her PJ’s and letting the memory foam of her pillow-top bed, cradle her back to sleep. Too bad her kids didn’t get the memo.

    Minus a couple of skirmishes between her boys and a Calgon moment that drifted just beyond her reach, she was able to pull herself together and give her attention to the ever growing list of things she had to get done today. She was not really one to make a mountain out of a molehill, but then again, today she seemed to be surrounded by gigantic overwhelming peaks.

    Her day was going slow and Murphy’s Law decided to park itself smack dab in the middle of her psyche. The grocery store was out of avocados, the post office was closed due to some random holiday and the pharmacist couldn’t find her prescription. By the time she looked at her watch it was twelve-thirty and she was starving.

    Nothing the best Chinese restaurant in town, Green Garden, couldn’t cure. She craved egg fu young and veggie fried rice and never bothered with soy sauces or fortune cookies. To her those were just extra items that got in her way and usually would end up in the trash. When she thought about it, she would remind them she didn’t need them, and save them for customers that liked that kinda stuff. But this visit, she wasn’t fast enough, and the cashier threw them in her bag. Today, she wasn’t in the mood to talk, so she didn’t bother.

    She couldn’t get home fast enough. The aroma of the egg fu young and fried rice saturated the cab of her car causing her foot to press heavy on the gas pedal. It didn’t take long before she was sitting at her dining room table and shoveling her plate full of her favorite food.

    Within eight minutes she was wondering if she really inhaled her food as fast as it seemed. Bloated she pushed the evidence away, and noticed the fortune cookie they happened to drop in her bag. Feeling her day couldn’t get any crazier, she decided to open it and read the fortune inside. Something she avoided most of the time because she hated the false hope it fostered in her gut.

    ‘Everything is not yet lost.’ Lucky numbers 23, 26, 29, 33, 36, 38

    She was right, another false hope. She tossed the fortune onto her plate and decided TV was a much better remedy. Out of habit she clicked through the channels and stopped on her familiar afternoon newscast.

    “Coming up in the next hour, a post office fire destroys hundreds of customer’s mail, what does salmonella and avocados have in common, and doctors find that certain prescription drugs may have deadly consequences when taken with certain foods. So don’t go anywhere," the voice on the boob tube warned her.

    Reba swallowed and wondered, what were those lucky numbers?

  3. *Claps*

    That was fun, Emily. And I love the twist on yours, de la O!

  4. Em, you can't just write Flashy posts about what we did last Tuesday. I mean, come on, not everyone has mad Dukes of Hazzard skills like us. :) And Jessica? Really? Dude, I was already named one of the two most popular baby names of 1983. Was it really necessary to give me the second in fiction? Ha! No, seriously, BRAVO! Love the characters' FTW attitude. Those girls rock.

    de la O, nice way to remind us things aren't always what they seem. Way to go!

  5. Hahaha, good one, Em!

    de la O, that sounds a lot like one of my days. ;) Chinese food sounds good right now!

  6. HAHA, Jen!
    I did totally think of you when I named her Jessica. Get out of my head.

    de la O, so twisty!