Tuesday, June 21, 2011



  1. The Missing Page

    They pay me to explain the bizarre. Half of them users, the other half victims. She entered my office, her miniskirt draped over smooth legs and my eyes imagined the silky feel of them wrapped around me.

    "Jordan Crenshaw, P.I.?"

    "That's me. You need something?"

    "Got a job for you." Her eyes glossed over the office. "Looks like you could use the money. I work for a publisher..."

    Bug-eyed, she stared over my shoulder at my clock, a crouched woman on a petal-strewn bed. Blood dripped from the clock-woman's arms acting as hour-hands. I was going to enjoy being used.

  2. Damn, Aidan...where's the rest? C'mon!!!

  3. If I promise to include more, do I get more prompts? :)

  4. oops! I think I forgot my Saturday! yikes

  5. Ya seen one dead chick, ya seen em all. Dead chicks ain't pretty. They ain't smart. They ain't funny. Dead chicks ain't got good bodies, and they sure as crap ain't got good personalities. They got nothin' much goin' on but dead, and that they got in craploads.

    She looked different, though. Something about her. She wasn't the same. That's how come I knew she wasn't dead. Couldn't a been. Yea seen one dead chick, ya seen em all, and I ain't never seen her before. I'd a remembered. I'd a dreamed.

    No pulse. No breath. She didn't move. She was cold to the touch. Her eyes didn't so much as flicker. No rise in her chest, no move in her belly. But she was alive. Hadda be. Couldn't be dead.

    I been feedin' her for three days now. Baby food mostly. Goes down pretty easy without chewing. She ain't swallowed yet, but she's got to soon. People that's alive gotta eat. They just gotta.

  6. ROFL at this, Nevets!!!! reminds me of the old times around here. ;)

  7. Got my book out for final reads, so I hopefully will have more time for one of my favorite haunts.

  8. Great comic timing Nevets. It's good to see you haunting around here.