Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How Did We Come to This?


  1. I looked note on the table, written neatly on the back of a job application form I had filled out for the library and had meant to hand in today. Black letters poured all over the page, but the only word that stood out to me say, "Sorry!"

    My eyes cave all the other words a worried caress. I picked up bits and pieces. "marriage." "over." "love." "run." "never expected." "no one's fault."

    Below the words, in a small patch of white, lay a ring. A perfectly smooth circle of gold, broken up by little diamonds in the shape of hearts. It was beautiful as a piece of jewlery. As a symbol, lying on a piece of paper, apologized for, it was shocking.

    I picked up the ring.

    Slid it on my finger.

    "Of course I'll marry you," I whispered. "No need to apologize."

  2. I can still pull out surprises sometimes. :)