Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Flower + Spoon = ?


  1. Where is there is a flower in the spoon?


    The truth is there is no spoon. There is only a flower.

    One, single flower, a tiny, delicate sign of the beauty and grace that we all long for. One, precious little sign of pale yellow peace and gentility. One hold-out in this crappy world of war and hatred and poverty. One small, fragile plant stronger than all the evil we cretins can muster.

    And that just fricks with your mind.

    Because it doesn't make sense. It's incomprehensible. It's gibberish. It's nonsense. It's a hope that goes unhoped and a dream that goes undreamed, because there is no beauty, no grace. There is no peace, no gentility. There are no hold-outs in this crappy world.

    There is no spoon. Only you, looking at flower, and seeing something that makes no frickin' sense.

  2. Flower Meds

    Maddy centered the spoon's flower. "You're jealous."

    Tanner wasn't jealous. Government weenies had slashed healthcare for imported medicines. All that bickering when they should've concentrated on this generation's depravity. No wonder you couldn't find virgin-picked baby's breath. "Can't she eat grass or something?"

    "Oh pumpkin, you heard the doctor."


    Maddie smoothed the faerie's wings, yellowed around the edges like old newspaper. "She's done so much for you and you'd risk her life?"

    Their lives were intertwined, but he had read the bills. Unsustainable.

    Maddy dabbed the faerie's brow. "Ignore him. He's usually the baby, doesn't know how to tend."

  3. @Nevets, Optical illusions get you every time. Nice voice!