Monday, July 11, 2011

Up on Your Feet Monday

Image courtesy of Digital Photography School


  1. Always with the damn shoes.

    It's not bad enough I got carts rolling across this floor, or that I got food getting dropped, or pop spilling all over.

    Worst part is the damn shoes.

    Picking up the crap from outside. Bringing it in. Grinding pebbles against the tiles and scratching them up. Tracking mud and grass, smearing it across the surface. Bits of tar, flecks of paint, stains of dog poop.

    But not just the crap from outside.

    That food? That pop? The pee from the boy's bathroom floor? The gum from the classrooms? The sweat from the gym? The damn shoes pick it all up, press it all in.

    My poor floor. It's like a scrapbook of crap. Crap from outside. Crap from inside.

    All because of the damn shoes.

  2. LOL, Nevets! you're one of those "no shoes in the house" kind of people, aren't you?

  3. haha No, as much as I may sometimes be tempted, my own desire to feel prepared by wearing shoes overrides anything else. lol

    I have way too many neuroses. ;)