Thursday, March 14, 2013


With the recent release of "OZ: The Great and Powerful" the vision of L. Frank Baum gets a refreshing and more high-tech treatment. We know the tale of Dorothy Gale and her dog landing in an incredible place of fantasy. 

Your mission is to get caught up in the middle of the twister and land in the "Mysterious Land of (INSERT YOUR PLACE OF BIRTH HERE)". What three characters (related to your home) do you encounter and write a brief scene to depict your imaginings.

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  1. Walt I've always been a fan of Oz...

    A 100 Word Story:
    It Wasn’t Emerald City

    Maybe there were flying Monkeys? St. Petersburg, not Russia.

    I made my entrance early, first at the morgue, in the back of the car.
    Mom wasn’t allowed in the maternity ward. They wouldn’t put me
    in the nursery. Don’t know if I was considered premature at five
    pounds. But the doc sent us home after two days; normal stay was
    two weeks.

    There wasn’t any twisters in Florida that autumn. Mr. Baum’s book
    had been released as a movie in 1939. But that night sure must have
    felt like Oz to Dad. Minus the yellow brick road, and ruby slippers.

    Notes: Truth is stranger than fiction - who would make this up?

    © JP/davh