Thursday, March 21, 2013


Sometimes our fiction is just words. Where they take us dictates our mood, or triggers a thought that we can expound upon. Fit these ten words into the fiction of your flashy mind. You dictate where we will follow!

images storm drain inhaling wings 
prayers mysterious pink silver grape 


  1. Tinker This

    Outside briefly inhaling night and the impending storm, looking
    in, the pink African Violet on the windowsill flickers in dream like
    images. A mysterious fairy saying her prayers on silver tinted
    green leaves. The clouds as if pushed by the breeze of angels
    wings - cover the moon.

    Standing under the grape arbor, knowing there is no real protection
    ...BAM! Thunder BOOMS! Lightning FLASHES! - Down the drain
    goes my resolve to find the north star. The hairs on the back of my
    neck stiffen. Rain pummels. I run in the house, But leave the window
    ajar so the fairy can escape.

    (c) JP/davh

    Process notes: Like I could resist a word list? Thanks Walt.


    The storm rages.

    Images become highlighted with every flash of lightning. Mysterious shadows and silhouettes brought out to play upon emotions and fears. Rivulets formed by a storm drain's refuse, running down to find its level and pool into puddles.

    Starlings flit on wings and prayers to find the shelter so hardly sought. Whipping winds causing your breath to catch on your chest and at best, making inhaling a chore. It seems the more you gasp, the more your struggles feel monumental.

    In the silver moonlight, the rains continue. And you sit sequestered, safe and warm in the storm, sipping the vintage of the pink grape. The fireplace flickers and offers the comfort of a good book to soften its glow.

    And still, the storm rages.

  3. You're welcome, Jules. Mine sort of follows your lead (although I hadn't read yours until mine was posted!). The thunder and lighting serve as a counter-point.

  4. You are welcome by my fire anytime, Walt. Pink grape, a good book, maybe some cheese? How about some Jiffy Pop popcorn?