Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Head of the Table?

  Bad dog or head of the table?  Are they "man's best friend" or are they secretly our masters?  They aren't the ones picking up our poop, right?  Write a little Flashy Fiction with a dog at the "head of the table."  Maybe you could write it from the dog's perspective.



    Funny name these humans gave me. "King" It sounds rather nondescript; what is a king? From my point of view, I must be a big deal. I feel important for some reason. They slather me with praise, always telling me I am highly qualified for this title. "Good King" I heard the hairy one say to me.

    The tall, leggy one with the tail in the back of its head... she looks lost in this place. Apparently, my kingdom does not suit her, and the point is moot to her. She seems to be miles away as she stand right there. And that other animal they have... they put in down to play with me. But I am as afraid of it as it is of me. And it smells funny... a cross between baby oil and poop. If it needs to go out, they should let it out.

    And what is it about my tail that fascinates it? Always pulling me backwards. Let me voice my opinion just once, and they bring out that rolled paper thing and tell me I'm a "Bad King". I think I'm getting the hang of this "Good King/Bad King" thing.

    But there's a lot of activity today. It looks festive. A day fit for a... a... well, King! A day fit for ... ME! It smells good in here, and I'm getting hungry. Let me get up here and get a closer view! Such a nice spread, I'm glad I stuck around and not followed that poodle to God-knows where. At least I get to keep what falls off the edge.


    The King is fed. Long live the king!