Thursday, December 12, 2013


The Christmas rush is upon us and here in Buffalo, New York, the signs came early. Christmas music began playing 24/7 at 11:59 PM on October 31st. So by now, I've heard all of the songs at least once. I'm sure by now, most of you have too!

But in keeping with the season, here is your prompt for today. Turn your radio to the local station that is providing your Christmas spirit via song. The song that is currently playing (No scrolling for a good one) is the title of your piece of flash fiction. Write a story behind that song or use that song as inspiration for a totally different piece although retaining the title and the essence of the song.

God, Rest Ye Merry... and write your Flashy Fiction!


  1. Hello. Here's mine.


    1. Marilyn, a powerful piece very pointed and deep reaching. The other side of the street is despair! A good response to the prompt. Thanks for contributing!


    Lorraine Jenkins was tired. Between going to nursing school, and pulling a double at the nursing home, Lorraine had every cause to complain. But what purpose would that serve. Her ambition was driven by the need to help people.

    She had come up the ranks the hard way, a slim black woman with manly features, but a very compassionate heart. Her mother had done volunteer work in the black hospital in Selma. A product of segregation, Floridine took pride in her work.She put all the compassion she had into caring for her patients. Lorraine recalled how tired and worn her mother looked after hard days. She was touched by how her mother would cry for hours when one of her charges has lost their struggle with life.

    And here she was, a single woman dedicated to her work so much that she knew nothing of a social life. Her dream was to finish school and be the nurse her mother always strived to be.

    But Lorraine was tired after an exceptionally hard day, Mr. Kettering in room 14 was fighting Pancreatic Cancer. He had been failing rapidly. Lorraine felt the end was drawing near. But Kettering had a spirit; he put up a fight. He was determined to survive to the new year. He promised his granddaughter he would be around for the Holiday.

    Lorraine knew such promises were not his to make. But she smiled and nodded. And her eyes had met Mr. Kettering's and the twinkle that lived there mesmerized her. Somehow, she knew he would not falter.

    As she turned on the lights to her small Christmas tree, she sighed. It was one week to the dawn of a new year. Mr. Kettering had made it to Christmas. She smiled inwardly. The old guy was half way home. Lorraine took comfort in that fact. A monumental achievement. A "promise" kept. A simple thing.