Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Funkday

Sorry I'm late!

Best. Prank. Ever!!


  1. Okayyyyyy here is my stab at YA. My first ever by the way so don't judge too

    Kennedy ran down the street. Sweat was rolling down his back.
    Roger was already ten feet ahead of him.

    “Sucker!” Roger yelled back.

    “Roger! If I catch you I’m gonna kill you!” Kennedy informed him.

    Down the street Eloise and Amanda were still laughing.

    It was bad enough that football tryouts were today and Kennedy did make it but now this. Roger was an ass.

    Finally Roger rounded Fifth Street and Kennedy was close behind. But the stench emanating from his backside seemed to be one step ahead of him.

    “That was so nasty!” Eloise told Amanda.

    “Are you going to junior prom with him now?” Amanda asked her.

    “NO WAY! As soon as anyone hears the prank Roger pulled on him, he’ll be the joke around school. There is no way I’m going with him now. Besides he’s not that cute anyway.”

    “Oh my gosh you liar! You couldn’t stop talking about how cute he was on the phone last night!”

    “I’m over it. He’s not that cute. I was just I think I just needed a chocolate fix.”

    Amanda just rolled her eyes.

    “Hey guys. Where’s Roger and Kennedy?” Jackson asked.

    “Roger dropped a bag of poop and a firecracker down Kennedy’s pants and it exploded! He looked like he had diarrhea!” Eloise laughed.

    Jackson started laughing hysterically, “OH MY GOD! What did Kennedy do?!”

    “He took off after Roger down Town Street and just turned down Fifth,” Amanda told him.

    “Oh man! You’re going to prom with Mr. Poopy Pants! Eloise Poopypants!”

    “Heck no! There is no way I’m going with that loser. I was thinking of going with Roger.”

    “What?! Bitch! I told you I wanted to go with Roger!” Amanda was pissed.

    “Whatever! Fine I’ll go with someone else.”

    “Dude, Kennedy is going to be pissed! But that is the best prank EVER!”

  2. OMG, CLOVER!!! haha. I just about peed myself. A firecracker and a bag of poop! hahahahaha

    Great job!

  3. OMG! How nasty a prank was that???

  4. I am a little sister. What can I say?

    We're super good at thinking up stuff like that! haha. (could also be the fact that i'm a student nurse and my world revolves around poop)

  5. Ah...that explains much! =D

    Well done, PC!