Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday Prompt


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  2. The elevator door opened. Jeanine and Lori looked inside it and then at each other. They exploded into noisy laughter. A guy they knew from the dorm next door to theirs was standing in their elevator in a jacket, undone tie, Martian deelie-bobbers, tights and a tutu. His cheeks were very red.

    “Chris?” Lori gasped when she could finally catch her breath.

    Chris sighed. In a soft voice, he began to sing:

    “I am a pledge.
    Don’t ask me why
    I’m worthy to be
    a Gamma Chi.

    But with some hard work
    and a bit of Greek Luck,
    the brothers might tell me
    I really don’t suck.

    So if you don’t mind
    I’ll bid you good night.
    I’m Christopher the pledge:
    I’ll be your white knight.”

    “O-M-G!” squealed Jeanine, “Can they really make you do this?”

    Chris made a helpless gesture.

    “I guess so,” said Jeanine.

    “Look, it’s hell week,” said Chris. “I’m almost done – and then I’ll be a brother. Every pledge in my pledge class is at a girls’ dorm doing this stuff right now. I know it’s totally dorky but – ”

    “You think?” said Jeanine.

    Chris ignored her. “So, if you two could do me a favor – well, no – actually, two favors – I’d really appreciate it.”

    “Um, sure. Okay, Chris. What?” asked Lori, trying to keep the next fit of laughter from bubbling out of her, and not succeeding very well.

    Chris handed Lori a turquoise Sharpie. “First, would you both autograph my tights.”

    “Autograph your tights? You’re kidding, right?” asked Lori.

    Both girls stared at him. After hesitating a moment, Lori took the Sharpie and carefully wrote her name on Chris’ tights, on his left knee. Her handwriting was shaky since she was still giggling. When she finished, she handed the Sharpie to Jeanine, who signed her name with a flourish on Chris’ right thigh, coming dangerously close to his more sensitive body parts. Chris tried hard not to flinch.

    Afterwards, Jeanine ceremoniously handed the pen back to Chris. “There,” she said, “Done. And now, what’s the second favor you wanted from us?”

    Chris’ cheeks turned even redder than they were before. “Don’t tell anyone. Please! I’m begging you! This is so humiliating. I don’t want anyone in our dorm quad to know about this. Please promise me?”

    Lori and Jeanine looked at each other. Forcing themselves to look more solemn, they turned back to Chris and nodded. Appearing somewhat (minimally) relieved, he pressed the elevator button to go back downstairs. Lori and Jeanine did not get on with him. Instead, they waited until the doors closed.

    “Okay.” Lori was grinning evilly. “So J, who do we text first?”

  3. I love it!!! That was great. :-)