Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pulling Together...

Photo by Jonathan Smith

Lean to and pull together. Teamwork prevails. ~ DM

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    Father was a military man who insisted we all pull our weight. When an order was given you were best served to hop to and do the job.

    As it was, we had our own separate chores, but a few things father expected me and my three brothers and two sisters to work as a team. It was character building and team strengthening, Father named it . Personally, I thought it was bullshit. Just don't tell the Major I said so.

    "Lean to and heave ho" father would command and we would stand six abreast working in a coordinated rhythm. It did eventually get us to function as a well greased machine.

    When father succumbed to his age and his broken physique, we came together as we had learned to do. And as we would have it, we served as pall bearers for his funeral.

    We took our positions and grasped a handle each ready to carry the "old man" as he had carried us all these many years. However, something seemed out of place. Just before we lifted, it struck me what had been missing.

    "Lean to and Heave Ho!" I commanded, and we lifted in unison, hearts beaming with pride and smiles decorating our faces. The Major would go out in style.