Friday, April 20, 2012


(Photo Credit: Hannah Gosselin)
Happy Friday Fiction Flash writing peeps!


  1. I love the picture, Hannah! Have to think about this one, since it reminds me of our trip to Cape Cod last summer.

    1. Oh, I'm so glad you like it and that it brings back memories for you! Smiles!

  2. Here's what I wrote today!

    Too long to post here, copy/paste and navigate to my blog if you like.

    Smiles to everyone!

  3. PART 3

    When she returns a man is sitting on her bench. She pulls in her bicycle.
    “You’ve got one of my buoys,” he shouts.
    She stops. “I do?”
    “Yes, you’ve got a buoy of mine,” he says.
    She parks her bicycle and heads for the entrance of the shed.
    “I’m so sorry but you’ve got to wait,” she says. “I’ll only be a minute.”
    He hears the unmistakably sound of somebody peeing. He raises his eyebrows when he hears she flushes since that is the unmistakable sound of a toilet. He even hears she’s washing her hands before she’s right out here in front of him.
    “I didn’t know that you had a toilet,” he says.
    “Of course I have a toilet,” she says, “don’t you?”
    “Of course I have,” he says smiling, “only I didn’t think that your small shed could contain one.”
    She sits down besides him.
    “There’re three basic rules for my accommodation and they are: A waterproof roof, a dry cellar and a functional toilet,” she says.
    “Good rules,” he says, “only I came out here because I heard you’ve got one of my buoys.”
    “Yes?” she says.
    “Number 384,” he says, “that’s me.”
    “Oh,” she says, “why didn’t you just take it? I pick up a lot of drifted buoys from the beach.”
    “We don’t do things that way over here,” he says.