Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Escape to Paradise

With cold weather bringing snow to parts of the U.S. and Hurricane Sandy pounding the Atlantic coast, there are lots of folks thinking about a tropical escape.  Write a little Flashy Fiction about your escape to paradise.


  1. What a lovely idea and just right in colder, harsher times.


    Rob Caruso had given up all hope. He was far removed from the shipping lanes. No chance of rescue remained. He had been gone for three years. He was REALLY late for his last appointment. As a matter of fact, that's how most people referred to their friend now. He was the late Rob Caruso.

    But hope has a second face. When you give up hope, you actually open yourself up for any possibility. As he emerged from the thatched hut he caught a glimpse of all that was possible.

    There she stood, a curvacious silhouette in all her natural beauty. She was Toostana. The name means Tuesday which Rob saw as ironic, since he found Toostana on a Friday. The native cleansed herself in the teal blue lagoon waters tossing her long dark tresses, spraying the sand with her seductive "rain".

    Rob scratched a hand through his disheveled hair and sighed. The thought of being alone becomes less depressing when shared with one as ravishing as Toostana. The thought of clothing also becomes less relevant when all that tanned flesh is the most stunning outfit one could "don".

    The sun crept slowly over the cliff, illuminating more of the shore and bringing every trace of Toostana's beauty to bare. But Rob's paradise held this one fact. Who needed the sun to creep slowly over a cliff when Toostana was baring her beauty quite nicely on her own? All he could do was pray for midday!

  3. I like it, Walt...especially the main character's name.

    1. I thought you'd appreciate the play on Robinson Crusoe, my modern day survivor! (I know what you meant though!) ;)