Thursday, October 25, 2012


"It's impossible", said pride.

"It's risky", said experience.

"It's pointless", said reason.

"Give it a try", said the heart.

Follow your heart. Write about something that you thought to be impossible, or risky, or pointless that with some effort and a lot of heart proved to be a beatable foe!

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  1. "You just don't understand!" yelled Dustin. No one realy DID understand him for that matter. Music was his haven. He would sit in his room all day and listen to it. It didn't matter what kind, the way music worked was what drove him there.

    "Um, Dustin?" asked Alexa. Alexa was like his twin, they thought alike, but looked differently. They just weren't understood. But lately, Alexa was U-turning back to how she was before: and egotistical, self-centered girl.

    "What do you need?" Dustin said. He was getting a little fed up with her. He needed a break from all things around him, just to be free and escape from the prision.

    "It's pointless! There is no reason to this."

    Currently, Dustin was working on a song, just because he loves music that much. But, everyone, even Alexa, was making fun of him.

    All except his best friend. She knew there was hope for him. She just knows that he can do! That it is achevable if he just trys.

    That day, with his papers scattered in every direction in his hands, she bounces up to him.

    "Hey Maddie." says Dustin gloomily.

    "Hi!" she says. her ponytail bobbs up and down as she jumps on her toes. She has all her hope and will going into him. She is just a 12 year old firecracker that no body has lit yet. Dustin just wants to be the one person, when she gets her heart set on something, to light the firecracker.

    "How's the song coming?" she asks.

    "It's done." he says.

    She runs into a hug and holds him close, feeling that she will never, ever let him go. He holds her, feeling the same exact way. He feels tears stream onto his sholder.

    "I knew you could do it." he hears her whisper to him, muffled through his shirt. They just stand there, feeling as if they are the only ones in the entire universe.