Friday, December 14, 2012

Inspired by a Genius

(photo courtesy Wikipedia Einstein at the age of three in 1882)

(Photos via Photobucket motor3mike)

                                              (Photos via Photobucket Blue_Blanket)

                                                (Photos via Photobucket The_Regulator)

"In his lecture at Einstein's memorial, nuclear physicist Robert Oppenheimer summarized his impression of him as a person: "He was almost wholly without sophistication and wholly without worldliness . . . There was always with him a wonderful purity at once childlike and profoundly stubborn, (wiki commons)."

Maybe write a dialogue with Einstein as a participant...or if you could ask Albert something what would it be...?

Happy Friday Flashy Fiction writing!  



    I hope and pray that there's something that we can do to ensure this senseless act of violence will not be repeated.

    Prayers needed-deep heart-rendered prayers. ♥

  2. If I ever could as this wise man anything, it would be,"How in the world did you come up with these therories?" or "How did your family affect your mind?" or to help with my homework.