Friday, December 28, 2012

Pick a Door...

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Pick a door...any door....

and write about it.

Bring the element of suspense around the door if you like...

Will your door be metaphorical or an actual doorway

into a real place or into a land of your imagination?

Have fun Friday Flashy Fiction writers!! 


  1. Obsession?

    I guess because she shared my room for about ten years - I thought of the lost girl as my sister.
    Time doesn't stand still for anyone. While some of our brood still look after the farm, Ma and Pa retired to warmer climes. Some of us married, while others took different directions.

    I went off to college. Fat lot of good it does one in the economy. I could always go back to the farm. I’d get room and board and they’d get free labor. Silly me I wanted to become a writer. I guess we all need to find the right balance.

    Living in the city does have it’s advantages. But there are so many damn doors. At least I’m going home for the holidays and will be able to recharge my creative batteries. Remembering my old room, and as Ma would say our found girl - though she always did seem just a bit distant and lost - I thought I’d try to find her again. Not that after twenty odd years could I even think about what she might look like.

    The internet is one hell-of-a good door. That is if you know how to use it. And with a little help I found the place that was a brief stopping point for Philomena before they put her in the asylum. One door I’m not going to open is mentioning my endeavor to the family. After that day when the big black car took her away no one ever mentioned her again. At least publicly. I’d venture a guess though that Ma still prays for her soul.

    I’m heading home a couple of days early. I’m going to stop in Riversburg and stay at a bed and breakfast. I’m still not sure if this is a door I want to open at all or by myself. But I’ve got the nagging sensibilities of a reporter looking for a good story. Though I’d know I’d change the names to protect the innocent. I would not expose Philly to the world. Just maybe her story - it could be helpful, that is if she actually ever let her guard down and let anyone in that could help her.

    Opportunity knocks. But then so does a stubborn mule...

    © JP/davh

    This is the third piece of a series inspired by the prompts at Flashy Fiction;
    The first is called ‘Wanting’ written for ‘All I want for Christmas’ Dec. 25, 2012
    The second is called ‘Absent’ written for ‘State of Confusion’ Dec 26, 2012

  2. Very nice!! I like what you've done accomplish much with this inner-dialogue. Thank you for writing FFF! :)

  3. I'm with you, Hannah. Nice job, Jules. Now I'll have to go back and read the first two so I can be ready for the next installment.

    I am definitely intrigued.

  4. Hannah and Claudette, Thanks so much for your encouragement.
    I'm not sure where this will go. :)