Saturday, June 22, 2013


Pick two characters from two different comic strips or
comic books and have them stranded in an elevator. Write their interaction in a flash!

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  1. "Uh, oh," said the man with the little notepad and glasses. "Why have we stopped?"

    Garfield, the striped orange cat, barely pricked his ears at what the man said, thinking to himself, "We lost power, of course."

    "We appear to have lost power. Maybe, it's nothing. I guess we'll wait it out," said the man.

    "Like we have another choice," yawned Garfield, curling up in a corner.

    "I'll just jot this down in my ledger. Could be part of a bigger story."

    The man scribbled in his journal for a few seconds then began pacing, which kept Garfield from falling asleep, and his thoughts soon turned to how he loved to harass Odie. He wondered how easy it would be to harass this guy. He seemed simple, easy-going enough to be a great target of abuse like Jon, his owner. He was thinking up how to begin the torture when the guy began talking to himself again.

    "This is taking too long. There must be something dreadfully wrong. Maybe I can help."

    Garfield stared blankly at the man, then yawned again. "Sure you can, pal," he thought.

    "If I only had access to a phone booth, this would be a no-brainer," the man announced to no one.

    "Right," thought Garfield, "I am getting hungry, though. I hope Jon has that lasagna ready."

    After a couple more minutes of mumbling to himself, the man said, "Enough waiting. There could be a real problem. I can't wait any longer."

    As the man started unbuttoning his shirt, Garfield wondered where this was going and a half-curious, half-fearful look came over him as he watched the man strip.

    Before long, he was staring at a buff guy in blue tights and a red cape with a big 'S' on his chest.

    "There's something you don't see every day," he barely had time to think before the man ripped the doors open.

    Garfield was almost impressed for a few seconds before the man plucked him up and placed him on the floor outside the elevator to a rousing cheer. Someone yelled, "Look! Superman saved that cat!"

    That brought Garfield right back to his normal sarcastic self. He looked up at 'Superman' and thought, "Of course, superhero disguised as a mild-mannered reporter. That's so cliche."

    As if he had heard his thoughts, Superman looked down and whispered, "You're just a fat cat with attitude. You're so shallow, you're two dimensional."