Tuesday, June 18, 2013


image courtesy of Digital Blasphemy
A stream flows peacefully among beautiful flowering trees.  Write a little Flashy Fiction set in this idyllic locale.  How'd you come to be here?  What's your purpose...romance, tranquility, or something a bit more nefarious?

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  1. He crept through the forest, dark and dreary, drawn by the sound of running water. It wasn't a raging river sound. He'd not have been drawn to that. Hadn't been for some time now. It was the peaceful sound of a gently flowing stream to which he shuffled, stirring up fallen leaves as he passed.

    The transition from the old forest in decline to the bright glade was startling. The dark woods weren't overly thick, withered as they were, but with no warning at all, he was suddenly stepping on lush grass with cherry blossom trees in full bloom all around. He removed his shoes, pulled up his pant legs, and sat with his feet in the stream, taken by the beauty around him.

    After a while, he lay back, closed his eyes, and thought, "This must be what Heaven looks like."