Thursday, June 13, 2013


Here's the gist of it:

You're writing a story about fatherhood with a computer technician as the main character and a cheese pizza as a key object. Set the story in a Flower Shop.

Write the story!


  1. Herb sat on the uncomfortable stool, staring at the small screen, waiting for the slow computer to respond to his latest commands. He hated working on these types of calls, but they helped pay the bills. Brenda, The owner of the flower shop was nice, but wasn't interested in spending much money to keep her computer up-to-date. As many times as he told her she needed to upgrade to a newer one, she replied that it did everything she needed it to do. "Slowly, so very slowly," Herb added silently.

    Brenda and her shop helper had gone to lunch. Knowing this job was going to take a while, Herb had called his favorite food delivery outfit, his wife, Maggie, and their six-year old daughter, Sarah, to bring him a pizza. Sarah loved making homemade pizzas with her mommy. He'd placed his usual order for "a medium cheese, please" when Sarah had answered the phone. She giggled at the rhyme.

    Herb was beginning to wonder what had happened to his pizza. He'd gotten a text from Maggie almost five minutes ago that she was outside and Sarah was bringing the pizza in. He was just about to get up when Sarah came through the door to the front of the shop beaming and giggling. He smiled back.

    "Thank you, sweety," Herb said, taking the box from Sarah. As often as they did these pizza deliveries, they'd bought a supply of cheap pizza boxes that added to Sarah's fun with the process.

    "Open the box, daddy," Sarah said. "I made this one special."

    Herb complied and had to conceal a brief moment of shock. "Did mommy help with this one?"

    "No. I just thought the cheese pizza looked boring so I picked some flower petals when I came in and put them on the pizza. I hope you like it."

    "It's very pretty, Sarah," he said, bending down and kissing her forehead. "You know just how to brighten my day."

  2. You da man, Mr. Halpin! A great rendering of a touching moment. Will try getting around to playing some catch up! Thanks for this!