Friday, May 16, 2014


Sketch of Indiana Jones
drawn by Dave Mottram

Let's develop some character. 

Write a brief character sketch (200 - 250 words) detailing 

a sore loser

Give him/her a name and tell of their circumstance.



    “We regret to inform you that while Concord Crossing shows promise, perhaps with further serious editing, the editorial board has decided not to publish it.”

    Harry Christopher Platt put the letter down. He’d seen enough. They had rejected his novel. A publisher had told Platt No in the verbosity of most in his position. A word barrage fired away at Platt whom Boston considered a favorite literary son, an author with six prize-winning novels to his credit.

    Nervously he twisted both ends of his black Dali mustache to satisfy his O.C.D., doing his usual best to satisfy the nagging voices in his head telling him to go back and do that ten more times or start again and keep both sides balanced. But he would not rewrite the book.

    Startled when Foodoo pulled down the wastebasket, he gave both the cat and the wastebasket two swift kicks. How dare Dwight Dann say no! To me! Again he tweaked his mustache.

    Against his better judgment, he finished reading the letter. It served only to add insult to injury. Who did Dwight Dann think they were, missing out on the next Boston bestseller? He’d send it up the publisher ladder, not down, as Dann suggested. He’d show those lackeys. He wouldn’t change a word of the book.

    He thumbed through the publisher’s directory like a man convinced the sun revolved around him. “I am a winner,” he repeated over and over like the mantra of a man drowning.


    1. Exceptional, Salvatore! As is expected!

    2. Walt, I haven't seen any further prompts here. How come?


    Rigourous is an absolute BEAST. As the next breed of criminal unknown to man, he is ready to cripple society as we know it. Determined; with a supercharged iron-will. He simply won't rest until freedom is brought down to her knees and his heart is well-spent on crime. Set in a futuristic world, stricken and infected by the lawless, a wounded nation attempts to recover from a catastrophic civil war. One that would prove to reshape the very core of the United States of America. It's freedom.
    On edge, with reckless abandon, he has an affinity for the adventure. Rigorous always lusts for the thrill. And he does it all with a smile.
    This is only the tip of the iceberg...

    © Copyright 2014
    Benjamin Thomas

    Not exactly according to the prompt, but this is what I've got.

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