Friday, May 16, 2014

Party Time on the Island

image courtesy of Digital Blasphemy

The scene opens with the shot above: a semi-remote island on a three-mooned planet.  The lights at the base of the towering mountains indicate some sort of grand party.  Write a little Flashy Fiction about what we'll see when the camera zooms in and peeks through the trees.



    If I didn’t know better, I would’ve guessed WrenKer 24 found itself a fourth moon! i hadn’t seen that much celebration in a long long time.

    “We’re celebrating the spice harvest, WingStar. Biggest since SpiceCorp bought WrenKer 24 back in ‘97.”

    I could smell the Carmadine Red on his breath. Engineer Dowling wasn’t kidding me. Give him one excuse, even a weak one, and he was off to downtown where C.R. flowed like Earth’s old Red Sea. I reminded him we had plenty of work left to do.

    “The harvest, Dowling. Remember?”

    He threw out his hand to shake mine but missed and nearly fell.

    “Watch it!”

    “Sorry, Sir. Looks like I got an early jump on the jubilation train, huh?”

    I returned his twisted smile with a sneer of disapproval.

    I pointed to a nearby chair, sat in one myself, and he followed suit. “SpiceCorp did not authorize this –– festivity, Dowling.”

    “The men did, Sir.”

    “The men work for SpiceCorp, but only SpiceCorp is SpiceCorp, comprende?”

    Dowling shrugged. Tried to look like an honest penitent, but he failed miserably because the Carmadine Red was coursing a crazy run through his bloodstream. He had no choice but to hang on.

    Out on the waters the tall ships were setting off fireworks. We could even hear the voices of the spice laborers and the WrenKer natives whooping it for all it was worth.

    “Look, Dowling. What say we join them for awhile. Instead of high times for the weekend, we’ll close it down after a day.”

    Dowling looked like a man whose life sentence had just been commuted. He smiled widely and his bloodshot blue eyes seem to take on some of the three-moon glow.

    The two of us headed towards the seashore and the waiting boat.


    1. You're a good writer Sal...I enjoyed some of the names you had in your story.


  2. Thanks, Ben, and I am a fan of yours!

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