Wednesday, July 8, 2009

One step forward.

We all struggle with forward motion.


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  2. “Except for hummingbirds, no other bird flies backwards, right?” asked Marsh.

    Kyra nodded and said, “Yes.”

    Marsh reached an intersection in the road and made a right. “Can anything else fly backwards?”

    “Hmmm. Helicopters, I think,” said Kyra.

    Marsh smiled. “But anything can fly forwards.”

    “Yes,” said Kyra, “well, assuming of course, that whatever that thing is, it can fly in the first place.”

    “Of course,” said Marsh, as he gently pressed his foot down on the accelerator.

    “That means,” continued Kyra, “all other flighted birds, airplanes of all sorts, rockets, insects, and I guess – at least a tiny bit, flying squirrels, too. They all fly in some kind of forward motion.”

    Marsh laughed. “And then there’s the other way – like, in whatever you shoot out of cannons or catapults. They all fly – but with forward motion.”

    “Uh huh,” agreed Kyra.

    “Except for humans, at least, normally. They – or rather, we - have a problem with flight, although not with forward motion.”

    The speedometer crept up a little bit more.

    “Um, yes,” said Kyra, a bit tentatively, adding, “Why are you driving so fast? You’re doing – what? Eighty-five? Ninety?”

    “Getting there,” said Marsh.

    “And where are you driving to, anyway?” asked Kyra. She twisted her fingers together and felt a little chill run down her spin.

    “Koogan’s Bluff.” Marsh made the car accelerate a bit more.

    “Huh? Why?” asked Kyra.

    “To prove a point,” answered Marsh.

    With that, Marsh put his foot all the way to the floor and the car whizzed by everything on the road. That is, until it went off-road. As the car bumped across the uneven grass, rocks and dirt, Kyra cried, “What point? Marsh – you’re scaring me! What point?”

    The land came to an abrupt end, but the forward motion of the car did not.

    “This point,” said Marsh, as the car flew straight and forward at first, before changing its course and finally proving another and more salient point having to do with laws of gravity.

  3. Wow! This is so unlike you, R.J.!!! I love it though! Having a rough time coming back from vacation? LOL

  4. "I did it!" Susie announced as she walked into the living room.

    "And 'it' would be??" Glen raised his eyebrows, hoping for more details.

    Before Susie could open her mouth, Glen raised a hand and jumped off the couch, spilling the bag of Doritos in his lap.

    "Oh my god! You finished your book!!" Glen jumped up and down like a three year old in need of the potty.

    "I knew you could do it kiddo! See? You're that good!" He grabbed her into a twirl.

    "Calm down Vanna," Susie deadpanned. "I broke up with Trevor."

    "Oh that," Glen slumped back onto the couch, Doritos crunching under his butt.

    "Hey, I thought you'd be happy I finally did it." Susie stood in front of him, hands on hips.

    "Right. Now, would this be 'finally did it' number five or number six?" Glen shot back.

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  6. lol Deb! (she said, crunching on some Doritos.)