Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wanted on a Tuesday


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  1. "Do you think it's... you know, theologically sound?" Chen rubbed at his shaved head; the stubble was starting to itch again.

    "In what sense?" asked Ping. He was tucking his brush away and letting down his orange sleeves.

    "Well, obviously, desiring nothing is the path to true Enlightenment," said Chen, "but by offering a cash reward, aren't we perpetuating the cycle of desire in others?"

    "Ah, that," said Ping. "No problem. We just won't pay it!"

  2. The two rumpled gumshoes sat in their dank office; feet up on their desks, fedoras drawn down over their eyes.

    Brothers. Garrett Sayer was bright and high-functioning. Jarrett Sayer was just high. Twins. Identical twins. You wouldn't know it by looking at them. Jarrett always admitted that his smarter brother was actually more identical that he.

    The knock on the office door brought Garrett to his feet. Jarret pulled his hat lower on his face.

    "Here you are Dick" the delivery guy spouted. "Fresh from the printer."

    "Great, we've been waiting for these" Garrett beamed as the courier stood awkwardly, palm up.
    "And the name's Garrett, not Dick." he followed with a slap across the young man's exposed hand.

    "Uh...Gilley at the print shop says I should get some money from you this time."

    Garrett patted his empty pockets knowing the futility of the gesture.

    "Tell Gilley I knew he was gonna say that. The check's in the mail!" Sayers lied.

    "Gilley knew YOU were say THAT!", the messenger retorted as he turned on his heel. "You should give Gilley a call!"

    Garrett closed the door and excitedly called to rouse his slumbering partner.

    "Hey Jay, the posters are in!" the brother said having a hard time concealing his excitement. He pulled one out of the box and admired it. Garrett then turned it for his brother to see.

    "Let me ask you this again," Jarrett started, "The poster says 'WANTED - Dead or Alive" with a million simoleon reward, right?"

    "Hey, you're starting to catch on." a sense of relief lacing Garrett's reply. "What's your question?"

    "Well, there's never a picture on it. How do we know who we're looking for?" said Jarrett logically.

    "For the last time, can you read the sign on our door?" asked Garrett perturbed.

    "srehtorB reyaS - sevitceteD cihcysP" the brother said slowly.

    Garrett opened the door, pointing sarcastically. "Read it now, moron!"

    "Sayer Brothers - Psychic Detectives" Jarrett corrected himself as the phone rang.

    "Sayer Brothers - Psychic Detectives" Garrett answered. "Don't tell me, you want someone followed, Right?"


    "Uh, you're looking to solve... No?"

    "You want a...oh, I see. Thank you.", Sayers said sadly.

    "What's up?" the sibling inquired.

    "We're late on the rent and we're being evicted." Garrett responded.

    "Boy, we didn't see that coming!" Jarrett inserted as he pulled his hat back over his eyes.

  3. Oh my gosh - Walt! I am laughing so hard! Brilliant!

    ScatterCat - I LOVED this!!!

    Bravo to both of you!

  4. Scattercat, I burst out laughing! LOVE it.

    Walt, I still have the giggles over this one. heehee And these lines started it! Garrett Sayer was bright and high-functioning. Jarrett Sayer was just high.