Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tuesday Prompt

"The antidote for fifty enemies is one friend." - Artistotle

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  1. Charlie and Regis stood on the top of the wall that surrounded the pit of the Coliseum. Fifty Oompah-Loompahs waddled in quick runs to collect the scattered short swords, whips, and clubs that could be found around the ring. The crowd was screaming and yelling in a constant roar that made it hard to think and Charlie could see heads bob behind Regis as they did a human wave.

    "Some of our audience may be just joining us," said Regis into his microphone which projected his voice across the Coliseum and over the roaring crowd. "Charlie has just completed his eleventh challenge and will win the prize of leading one of Rome's armies as its general or he can attempt the final challenge and if he wins become Emperor of Rome. For your last and final challenge, you will face fifty Oompah-Loompahs in a battle to the death. Few people have won the chance to become a general, and no one has become Emperor. Do you wish to attempt this final challenge?"

    "Yes, can I use my final lifeline?" asked Charlie.

    "Certainly, who would you like to call upon?"


    "Through the help of the sorcerer's guild, one of our sponsors, we will bring Grawp here."

    There was a flash of yellow light and a stench of sulfur that Charlie could smell even up on the edge of the pit walls. The yellow-tinged smoke dissipated in the center of the Coliseum to reveal a giant at least ten times the size of the Oompah-Loompahs. The giant's hair stuck out in a tangled mess as if he'd never combed it.

    "Yaworr," yawned the giant as it pounded its chest with fists the size of an Oompah-Loompah.

    "Welcome, Grawp. You are now on Who Wants to be an Emperor. Charlie here," Regis waved his hand that wasn't holding the microphone at Charlie, "has used a lifeline to ask if you will help him in his final battle. Will you agree to fight with Charlie?"


    "Is that a yes?"

    Grawp vigorously nodded his head.

    "Well, Charlie, it looks like Grawp will join you in your final battle. Are you sure you want to battle for Emperor rather than settling for general?"


    "Is that your final answer?"

    "Yes, this is my final answer."