Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Funkday

This party was lamer than I could have imagined. Seriously, it reminded of purgatory--slow haunting music, stale uninteresting food, no cute...

Wait. Who's that?


  1. I never expected much out of RJ’s parties. I expected even less when RJ was throwing the party his erstwhile girlfriend Cherise. For a poet and a cross-dresser, they moved in pretty colorless circles and had no sense of flair. Even so, this party was lamer than I could have imagined. Seriously, it reminded of purgatory--slow haunting music, stale uninteresting food, no cute...

    Wait. Who's that?

    Whoever he was he was cute. Tall with the lean muscles of a compulsive runner, he had green eyes that flashed in the light, and a smile that was inviting but reserved. He must have come in within the past few minutes, but he was already surrounded by a group of fawning girls, each of them better looking than me.

    Still, they were ordinary high school girls. I was anything but. I’d always been smart. I’d always been mature. I’d always been interesting. For most guys my age, those weren’t necessarily good things. For him, though, I had a feeling it might be different. He had a sharp set to his eyes, as if he were watching and analyzing. The adorable dimples that made him cute were balanced by a strong, serious jaw.

    He was different. I could sense it. I would brave the would-be harem.

    I opted to not make a direct approach. I moved through the other party-goers in a series of slow circles, innocently milling my way through the crowd toward my target. This not only helped me not appear desperate. It gave me more chances to observe him. More chances to watch and learn. More chances to melt inside.

    From the chatter of the silly girls that were still clustered around him, I gathered that his name was Taylor. I liked it. Simple but not overly common. Just like him.

    When I got close, I tried to catch his eyes. He didn’t seem to notice. I hoped I hadn’t read him wrong. He was polite enough to the girls had flocked to him right away, but he did not seem to be entranced by them. Surely, he was looking for something better. But I couldn’t hold his gaze, no matter how hard I tried.

    Time to be bold.

    I stepped in front of him. “Taylor?”

    He looked at me. Barely anything. “Hi,” he said, simply.

    I felt hollow inside. My mouth was dry. My heart was pounding in my chest. He wasn’t responding. But love-at-first-sight isn’t necessary. Chemistry can develop. Sparks can come at any time. I licked my lips nervously, and managed to introduce myself to him.

    “I’m Dan,” I told him. “RJ’s brother.”

    “Your brother sure throws a lame party,” Taylor commented, nodding at me before disappearing into the mix of people.

    I slumped against the wall, biting the inside of my cheek. Lame, indeed.

  2. Thanks a lot! -RJ

    lol! =D

    Awwww...poor RJ's brother. But a good read with a fun twist at the end! (I thought there might be a connection...)

  3. Yeah, RJ, I winced at that, but for whatever reason that was the name that came out. And Heather would yell at me if I edited my flash, so I struck with it. ;-p

    Next time I invoke your name, it will be more heroic!

  4. Heather would yell at you??? Awwww say it ain't so! But anyway, apology duly noted (and accepted.)

    I really do understand about character names and all that. They are what they are.


  5. This party was lamer than I could have imagined. Seriously, it reminded me of purgatory--slow haunting music, stale uninteresting food, no cute...

    Wait. Who's that? It’s Charlotte Weston with – No! – It can’t be! Danny Adamawicz???!!! The most popular, most talented, coolest girl in school with the biggest geekoid on the East Coast? Oh my god! No! I mean, practically every guy I know would give a left nut to get the chance to be with her. And so far, none of us have managed to do that – at least, that I know of...

    Okay, okay. Lance, calm down. It’s probably a joke. I mean, c’mon. I may just be a second stringer on the football team, but I’m still tons better than that guy. Riiiight. She’s probably pranking him – or else someone here at this beat party. Yeah. That’s it. Maybe I’ll go say hello. Scope it out and stuff.

    “Hi Charlotte!”

    “Lance – hi! You know Danny, don’t you?”

    Danny started to stick out his hand towards me, but I guess he thought better of that dumb gesture, especially since I made no effort to reciprocate. Instead, Danny turned and said to Charlotte that he’d be back in a minute, and then headed off somewhere or other. Whatever, but good. Get lost, you little twerp.

    “So, you brought Danny?”


    “Yes,” said Charlotte. She wasn’t looking at me when she answered. She was actually trying to watch the nerd through the crowd.

    I had to know. “You and Danny – you a thing or something?”

    Charlotte raised one of her perfect eyebrows. She grinned. “Or something.”

    “I don’t get it,” I said, “I mean, for one thing, he’s half a foot shorter than you. And for another thing - ”

    “- Look Lance, Danny is funny, smart, an incredible music talent – and all that in addition to being a math and science genius - and he’s nice on top of it all.”

    “Oh boy. That sounds great for a pet. You know, Charlotte, it really was a serious mistake, you agreeing to be the dude’s chem lab partner. Even if he is helping you to get a better grade.”

    “My grades were just fine before I became his lab partner.” Charlotte looked angry.

    She was serious. Damn! “Charlotte. Guys like Danny – it doesn’t work with kids like us. They’re like the enemy.”
    Charlotte sighed. “You mean enigma?”

    “I mean, you’re fraternizing with the enema!” There. That’ll get her. Humor – it works every time! Even when they put on as good an act as Charlotte was doing.

    Suddenly Danny returned from wherever he’d gone off to. Charlotte beamed at him. “You ready to go, Danny?” He nodded. Charlotte turned and looked at me with one perfect eyebrow raised above her big blue eyes, as she said to him, “Great. This party is lamer than anything I could have imagined, anyway.”

    With that, she leaned over and kissed the stupid dorkface right on the lips. I thought I was going to throw up.

    Then, Danny took Charlotte’s hand and they headed towards the door. Cue the slow haunting music, stale uninteresting food, no cute...

  6. RJ, I like the repetition of elements from the opening line. It works really well here!

    And, no, of course Heather wouldn't yell at me. She's way too nice for that. But she does have that motto about not editing her flashes... lol

  7. "You're going and that's final." My mother gave me the look. The look that said Don't mess with me right now Tory.

    Whatever. My day had started out sucky and had been on a roll ever since.

    1. I had been totally clueless to Ms. Sharpesky's hint yesterday about a possible alegebra quiz.
    2. I got my period during gym class.
    3. Dork of the century, Justin Lake, dropped his lunch tray all over my lap because he was too busy flirting with Dani Jones to remember that putting one foot in front of the other was the proper procedure for walking.
    4. This resulted in moi smelling of eau de burrito for the rest of the day.
    5. It was Friday night and I was going out with my mother.

    There's something to be said for consistancy.

    The sooner we got this show on the road, the sooner the day would end.

    "Can I drive to aunt Trudie's?" I asked sweetly.

    "Of course dear," mom returned the sweetness, "when I'm dead and buried you can drive wherever you like."

    "Ha...ha," I savagely ripped off a hangnail. It hurt like hell.

    "Moping is so becoming Tory, you should do it more often," mom said as we pulled out of the driveway. She just loved twisting the knife.

    The party was lamer than I could have possibly imagined. Seriously, it reminded me of purgatory. Slow, haunting music...I'm pretty sure it was Yanni, the long-haired Greek guy that every middle-aged woman had the hots for. Stale, uninteresting food...who does quiche anymore anyway? No cute... Wait. Who's that?

    Hello! I've never seen this guy at any family functions!

    I craned my neck around Uncle Harold's fat head to get a better look. Hmm, blonde hair that was obviously bleached by the sun. Very tan. Surfer? I watched him shake hands with Uncle Martin, revealing a Crest white-strip smile.

    I should probably introduce myself. I brought a handful of long hair around to my face and discreetly sniffed, just to make sure the burrito smell had evaporated. Safe.

    As I glided toward this sun-kissed California surf champion - for that is what I was certain he was - his blue eyes locked onto mine.

    "Hey," he said when I parked myself in front of him.

    "Hey yourself." I looked him up and down. Nice.

    "So, what brings you here to this dismal old folks party on a Friday night?" he teased.

    "My boyfriend is touring with his band," I sighed.

    "Yea, I know what you mean," he grinned, "my girlfriend is doing a Victoria Secret's photo shoot."

    "So, in that case maybe we should keep each other company and go make out on the back porch," I suggested.

    "We should definitely console each other," his tan fingers reached up to touch my cheek.

    He glanced around the room quickly. "Let me just go say Happy Birthday to my aunt Trudie first."

  8. Nice story, Deb, and I really, really, really loved the phrasing, " smelling of eau de burrito..." !!

  9. Thanks Nevets! And did you notice the italics?? hahaha

  10. I don’t usually read until I write my flash… but my mom called me and said that I was being talked about. LOL! I don’t yell! Hahaha. You can edit your flash all you want. I personally don’t, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. I don’t because that’s too much work. *snort* It would be like real writing instead of fun writing.

    And my daughter is RJ too… Rebekah Jean.

    Everyone’s flash was SO GOOD today. :)

  11. Oh, how rude of me...Nevets & RJ, your stories were soooo good!! I've read them a couple of times.
    Nevets, poor Dan's longing was nicely conveyed.
    RJ, loved the dialogue.

  12. RJs are cool! hehe

    Deb - I absolutely loved eau de burrito! ha!

  13. Yes, all female RJ's are cool. My RJ was a little more based on two college guy RJ's I knew, who were crazily popular despite being boring stiff. LOL

    Anyway, that aside, yes, Heather, I'm sorry for throwing your name around behind your back. It was rude of me. :)

    And Deb -- nice work on the italics!