Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday Prompt

Day 283/365 - My life as a magazine


  1. My home
    Is not like yours
    It has one window
    And zero doors

    My work
    Is where I live
    Dollar bills I take
    And goods I give

    My life
    Is not so bad
    I need no jacket
    Nor any hat

    My hope
    Is for a girl
    Who needs only me
    And not the world

    My part
    I sell my walls
    Mags outside, cigs in
    Don’t buy them all

  2. Okay...so today's flashy fiction is poetry, eh? Well then...

    One glance at this commercial façade, oh?
    Just like the Cask of Amontillado...
    he’s walled in in his enclosure
    which is full of glossy exposure
    but in his world, it is all apropos.

    Magazines, cigarettes touristy needs
    are sold while he fingers ancient prayer beads -
    his living, he ekes out (with a bit on the side)
    but for his family, he at least can provide
    so in his world, all would say he succeeds.

  3. Wow, love that, Lightverse.

    Great poems!

  4. Hidden doors
    in doors to windowed worlds
    ineffable but for telescope lenses
    that leave us pensive
    wishing and spending on lives
    we can't be like
    but if we buy, we might
    dream right

    from the wallet to the gods
    of Hollywood plastic
    and smalltown tragic
    "Tell a story, make it sadder!"

    Tip the idol, watch it shatter

    A shack of lies and smoked glass mirrors
    peddled to people
    that won't hear my words
    because that would take courage

    And we're only after escape





    "We're all out, ma'm"

  5. Woo, Poetry Day. I guess we're celebrating the month of April today?

    Good ones, Nevets, Lighty.

    Looking forward to what everyone else brings. Who's got the limmericks?

  6. poetry addition?! Hold on... I'll be back.

  7. The magazine I wanted
    Was way up high
    Damn it

    I asked the guy
    Can you help me?
    He grunted

    How does he make
    Any money?
    Customers equal cash

    I left
    The door slammed behind
    I’ll never go there again

  8. Hmmmm, Heather...sounds like the voice of experience here. lol

    Great poem!

  9. I hadn't quite realized what I was starting, but I'm glad it took off. Fun and diverse stuff there!

    RJ, way to both reference Poe and then rhyme the reference with a syllable that's pronounced /poe/. Bonus points!

    B, nice bit of dark commentary, neo-beatnick crafstmanship.

    Heather, now that's a raw slice of life!

  10. Whoa! Nevets called me dark. That's scary, lol.

    I'm pissed @ that guy too Heather.Somebody needs to tell him that haterz don't make dollerz.

  11. haterz don't make dollerzOMG! AWESOME! hahahaha. I need to work that into my MS.

  12. hahahaha

    Yeah, B, when I say you're dark, you better start checking for shadows in your soul...

  13. Wow, I missed some great fun today! Excellent writing!!

  14. And Now For Some Bad Haiku

    Fragile paper hut
    Consumed by blustery winds
    Stalwart words prevail