Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Misstep

(Courtesy Flickr/Laura Zalenga)


  1. Not again. Not again. Oh god, it's so cold. It's a dream, I know it's a dream, it's only a dream, but it's cold, and the water, and I'm not wearing pants. Why am I not wearing pants? A dream. But I'm freezing and goosebumped and pinching my leg isn't helping or biting my tongue, drawing hot copper blood, it's still cold. And the water rises half an inch higher on my shaking cramping leg.

    I can't cry. I can't cry. God, don't let me cry. At least there's light. I can see. If I can see, I can look, I can think, I can plan.

    My shoulder hurts.

  2. I got nothin' today. It's late and I worked a long day. Betty, yours was good. Not your best, but good. You know I love you right?
    Okay people, I'm going to be bossy... we've got to get back on the horse, bicycle, whatever you want to call it and start posting here again!
    Tomorrow there better be at least 5 contributions! LOL.

  3. Oof. Straight to the heart Deb. ;)