Monday, June 29, 2009

Mystified Monday

(Courtesy Flickr/jezikalyn)


  1. My hands were shaking when the gypsy turned over the last card.

    “The scales, I couldn’t believe it.” The sign of Libra, his sign.

    “Was this a sign?”

    Things had changed so much over the past year. We had grown so far apart. Life had become complicated and now I was so confused that I had to rely on a gypsy to give me advice.

    Maybe it’s not advice I am looking for but a higher force at work, the option that fate is working between soul mates to pull them together, the knowledge that this child growing inside me is a beginning of a life that could be better for the both of us.

    Sorry guys thats all got. I am soooo tired, wish I could have wrote more. We need to get more people to post, I just love this site. They have no idea what they are missing.

  2. It's great, Sherry! I'm a Libra and I'm always looking for signs.

  3. Me too loved it ! :)