Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday Prompt - Fill in the Blank

Come on, try it. Write a snapshot!


  1. I finally get a chance to have all the evidence I need to prove Mr. MacSnoopy is up to no good and the darn photo is blank. Blank photos, no finger prints and one missing leg, things are feeling creepy.

  2. Damn! I forgot the lens cover again. I cannot believe I just did that!!!

    And worse - no one ever in a million years will believe what I caught in this photo I just took either. It was the best compromising picture ever - and all I have for my effort is nada, zip, zilch, zero, rien, zed!!!

  3. "MOM! Look, I got a picture of Jocelyn!"


    "The faerie that visits me every night! Remember?"

    "Oh yes. But honey, this is totally black."

    "No, no. She's right there beside my bed. See her little sparkly wings?"

    "Uh, no Aaron I don't see a thing."

    "Jocelyn was right. Mortals can't see the fey."

    "Fey? Aaron where did you learn that?"

    "Jocelyn and the others. They said I'm only part fey but they can correct that."

    "Aaron, you're not talking sense. And what the heck are those red marks on the inside of your arm?"

    "Just the portals the fey are using to rid me of my mortal blood."

    "Stop joking. This isn't funny anymore."

    "I'm not joking mom, really. Want to see a neat trick I learned from Jocelyn?"

  4. Deb - I love it! Brilliant! One of those 'I wish I thought of it first' moments!

    And Sherry - yours was so funny!

  5. Thanks RJ! Yours was hilarious ;)!
    Sherry nice to see you back, and such a funny post!

  6. Fun stuff Sherrie, Lightverse, and Deb!

  7. Today I wrote a
    haiku on black paper and
    took a picture. Here.

  8. B.Nagel I love it. Soooo funny and thanks guys.

  9. Thank YOU, SherryDale, for commenting. And being hilarious.

    Lighty, Deb, way to bring it.

    C'mon peeps, we need at least one more contributor to fulfill Deb's challenge!!

  10. B!!!!!!! THAT WAS THE BEST! hahahahahaha