Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday Prompt: Three-Phrase Challenge

What just happened?

I think it was the soup.

Why are you wearing that hardhat?


  1. Tim walked into the kitchen. “I just heard a big, loud thunk-noise. What just happened?”

    Tim’s brother Mike shrugged and glanced down at the floor. A greenish-brown puddle was spreading from a partially frozen brick which lay by Mike’s feet.

    “Mom was furious. See? I told you we shouldn’t have done it.”

    Tim took a step backwards, not wanting the melting liquid to get onto his new sneakers. “Well, um...” Tim pointed to the puddle. “What is that stuff, anyway?”

    “I think it was the soup. Frozen pea soup, you know. From the freezer. It’s what Mom threw at me when...”

    “She threw it at you?!”

    “Uh huh. I told you she was mad. What did you expect?”

    Tim shook his head. Mike continued. “And I think I hear her coming back downstairs again. She must’ve heard us talking just now. Wait ‘til she gets ahold of you”

    “Uh oh! Be back in a sec!” Tim dashed from the room and ran downstairs to Dad’s work bench. He grabbed something hanging from an s-hook on the peg board, and a few minutes later he casually strolled back into the kitchen. Mike and Tim’s mom, who was bent down on the floor wiping up the spill looked up at Tim.

    Mike snickered as their mom said, “Tom, why are you wearing that hard hat?”

  2. Thanks! (And sorry - that last line should be Tim - not Tom! Oops!)

  3. "Dude, why are you wearing a hard hat?" I asked, returning from the corner store with a six pack of beer in hand.

    "I was out here earlier and someone threw something out their window, landed allover my head?" James said, looking up cautiously.

    "What was it?"

    "I don't know. It was kind of sticky, smelled a little like onion..." He paused for a minute. "I think it was soup." He shrugged his shoulders and went back to flipping steaks on the grill.

    "Hey man, how do you want yours cooked?"

    "Medium well." I headed back to the door, peering inside at the TV. "Game's about to start."

    "Steaks should be done in a-- what the hell?"

    I stuck my head back out the door as James pulled the hard hat of his head and stared at it. It appeared to covered in what looked like low mein noodles.

    "What just happened?" I asked, looking around at the mess covering the concrete. A discarded Chinese takeout box laid on its side a few feet from the grill.

    "Someone just threw Chinese food at me..." He looked up at the windows above us, several of which stood open. "Dude, get a freaking trashcan!" He yelled.

    "Man, we've got to move out of this building." I laughed, grabbing James a beer from the cooler.

  4. Thanks! It was an homage to my favorite word... Dude. I can never use it enough.

    lightverse - well done yourself. lots of soup attacks going on.