Wednesday, September 23, 2009


"You're a sneaking fox. I hate you!" Christine slammed her bedroom door.


  1. Rufus’ lopsided grin slowly faded. He sat down. Really, though, Madeline couldn’t blame him that much. She hadn’t hidden the steak well. She’d just stuck it far back in the fridge and figured that the difficulty in reaching it would dissuade him. But there were always ways. He chuffed a laugh. He’d been hungry (which was her fault) and necessity birthed invention easier than most liked to admit. He’d told Madeline before that he was going to eat one way or another. She could feed him or forfeit her own dinner. It was that simple.

    He sighed and scratched behind his ear. Sometimes he wished he’d become a newt or darter snail or even the traditional frog. They didn’t have the same yen for meat that got him in so much trouble. Madeline wouldn’t mind half as much if he gobbled down flies and spiders. But the hedge witch she'd hired after catching him sneaking around with her sister had explained that she couldn’t control the shifting. She only let out what was already inside.

    The Delmonico was dripping pink juice all over the kitchen floor. Rufus sniffed it, his mouth flooding with saliva. He bent his muzzle to the raw slab of meat and began to tear off strips with his sharp teeth.

  2. Love your spin on the prompt, Loren!

    Great line, this: "...necessity birthed invention easier than most liked to admit."

    So true.

  3. Wow! Loren this is brilliant and funny! LOVED it!