Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Maelstrom

"Either you tell him, or I will."


  1. “Either you tell him, or I will.” My chin did the lift and jut.

    “I can’t do it. He’ll be crushed. Besides, we don’t even know the real story.” Scarlet buried her head in her locker and rummaged around for some imaginary thing of importance.

    “How much more real do you need, for crying out loud? Well, I suppose it is possible Blake Sanders was retrieving a chicken bone that was lodged in her throat…with his tongue.” I rolled my eyes and shook my head. Sheesh, my best friend was clueless sometimes.

    “My brother is very sensitive. He might do something stupid.” The locker slammed.

    “Chicken. If Kyle was as sensitive as you claim he wouldn’t be dating Tiffany ‘kiss ‘em and diss ‘em” Taylor.” I was not letting this go.

    Scarlet was ignoring me now, putting on too much lip gloss. I kept pace with her as she hurried to Biology. Maybe I was being too nosy. I probably should mind my own business for a change. I just hated to see that bitch Tiffany get away with another notch on her pink panties. Especially if it hurt Kyle. He was like my own brother.

    “I’m not a chicken, Lindsay!” Scarlet’s voice was tuned to ‘whine' now, which usually made people drop the subject just to turn her off. Didn’t work on me.

    “Your choice. Don’t say I didn’t give you fair warning.” I left her at cranky Kranston’s Biology class and made my way to Chem. Last class of the day. I made up my mind to look for Kyle afterwards and tell him what we had seen yesterday even if it killed me. Or him.

    I stumbled out of the front doors at 3:35 pm. Chem always disoriented me. The sun was blinding as I walked across the quad looking for Kyle. I knew he usually parked in the far lot with all the other seniors so I headed that way.

    I spotted him easily. He was leaning against the chain link fence surrounding the lot. Kyle was six-two and taller than most everyone in school, except for Mr. Dorning the P.E. coach, who was a giant at six-eight.

    “Hey Kyle!” I waved as I headed toward him. He waved back and gave me a big smile. HUGE smile. Oh god, he has no idea.

    “Hi Linds! What’s up?” Kyle pushed off the fence and stood in front of me.

    I looked up at his cute and innocent face. “Kyle, can we talk?” I was starting to rethink telling him about Tiffany. Maybe I should just mind my own business.

    Kyle leaned down and came nose to nose with me. What was up with that?

    "NO, no we cannot talk Lindsay.” And just like that, he kissed me long and deep.

    What was it Scarlet had said? He might do something stupid? This wasn't feeling stupid to me.

  2. "Either you tell him or I will." Kyle threatened.

    "No one's telling him, Kyle." I said, concentrating on the road ahead of me as we drove home from the mall. Not exactly my idea of a perfect afternoon, but Dad would only let me go if I took my annoying little brother with me.

    "He's gonna figure it out, Lily."

    "But he doesn't have to know it was my fault." I glared at him.

    "It's gonna cost you." Kyle said, crossing his arms over his chest.

    Since when do eight year olds participate in blackmail?

    "What?" I said, my temperature rising as it pours out onto my cheeks.

    "Twenty bucks and..."

    "And?!? You're just a kid. I could eat you for breakfast, you little pip-squeak."

    "Fine. Don't listen, I'm sure dad will be happy to."

    "Ugh... what else?" I asked, exasperated.

    "You clean my room for the next two months."

    "You're crazy. I've seen what you do in there. Dishes under the bed, boogers on the walls. God only knows what else!"

    "That's my final offer. Take it or leave it."

    "You've been watching too much of the Disney channel. Who talks like that?"

    "Going once, twice..."

    "Fine, fine." I concede as we pull into the driveway. Kyle hops out of the car and runs in the door. I high-tail it after him, certain he's decided to narc.

    I burst through the garage door just in time to hear kyle shout.


    "How was the mall?" He asked, rounding the corner from the hallway into the kitchen.

    "Good." I say, piping in before Kyle can open his big mouth. "But I have some bad news."

    "Uh oh. The sale at Macy's was over?" Dad says, sarcastically. "Should I it down for this?"

    "Maybe," I say seriously. Dad's face falls. Realizing I'm not joking, he takes a seat at the kitchen counter.

    "What is it?"

    "Well, something happened to your car."

    "What happened, Lily?" He said. His voice fierce.

    Right behind dad I can see Kyle's skin start to crawl. He literally shaking with anticipation, just waiting for me to slip up so he can let the truth out. I take a deep breath and ignore Kyle's spastastic fidgeting.

    "Well, we parked in the deck and went inside, but when we came back out to leave there was a big dent on the back of the car?"

    "How did it get there?" Kyle nearly falls over as if suddenly stricken by siezures. I clear my throat, in attempt to keep my dad's attention, and throw invisible daggers at Kyle with my eyes.

    "I don't know. Someone must have hit it while we were inside. No one was around and there was no note."

    Dad sat for a minute, as if considering the likelihood of my story. Suddenly, he stands up and heads toward the garage. I stop breathing. He's gonna look at it and know. I'm dead. So freaking dead.

    With his hand on the doorknob he turns. "Well, I'm just glad you two are okay. Let's go take a look at the damage." And with that he slips through the door.

    Kyle siddles up next to me, practically purring.

    "Cash only." He says, holding his hand out.

    "You little idiot." I say, shoving him. "You nearly gave me away over there, ritalin boy!"

    "You still owe me. A deals a deal."

    "Whatever." I say, giving in and following dad out into the garage as a sigh of relief escapes my lips.